What Does Shapewear Do

What does shapewear do is a question that many men and women ask when they don’t know anything about body shapers and how they work. Shapewear, at times, can be a controversial topic since it claims to make people look slimmer. Many people assume that this means that body shapers will also help them lose weight and when they don’t they believe shapewear garments are nothing more than a scam. The truth of the matter is that some types of shapewear can help you lose weight while there are others that do not. Weight loss body shapers are made with strong materials like latex and rubber that provide firm or extra firm compression and it is this strong compression that helps with weight loss.

Then, there are other types of compression garments or shapewear that are designed to simply redistribute weight so that bulges are smooth and you appear to be slimmer, although, you’re really not.

Both types of shapewear are not comfortable in the beginning, especially weight loss shapewear. However, like anything else you can get used to them in time and not be bothered by their snug fit. For many, short term discomfort is a small price to pay to look slimmer and more fit in a matter of minutes. Believe it or not this can be huge motivator to lose weight because you can see how much better you’ll look. Weight loss shapewear does work, but it takes time just like any other weight loss tool. Besides, it’s not healthy to lose weight quickly, in fact, statistics tell us that fast weight loss usually comes back just as fast as it went.

Shapewear for men is becoming more popular all the time. Just like women, men like to be attractive to the opposite sex, so when they see that a body shaper shirt will make them a hit with the ladies they’re on board hook line and sinker. There are men and women both who love shapewear and wear it everyday and there are others who try it and don’t care for it. The only way to find out if it’s for you is to try a body shaper on and see for yourself.

Some popular brands of shapewear for women are Spanx, Flexees, Squeem Magical, Maidenform, Bali and Vedette. For men it’s Underworks, Instaslim, Ript Fusion, Leo, Spanx and Equmen. You can find most of them on Amazon complete with reviews and ratings.