What Does Your Family do For Living?

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Hello Seekers!

Today I’d like to talk about my closest family members and what they do for living. This is a post where I’d like you to interact by leaving a comment of what do your family members work. I’ve always wanted somebody in my family to be a hairdresser or a doctor, but unfortunately no one is. Ok, here goes a little bit about my family members work history.


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My dad never liked studying and he didn’t even finish high school, he was all party boy at that time. Fortunately he had a little bit of luck and a lot of perseverance. He worked as help worker on construction site. Then he got job in one of the biggest factory in Croatia – Petrokemija. He was mowing grass, by hand mower. At that time, electrical lawnmower was a luxury. Then he transfered 50 kg sacks of fertilizer manually and loaded it into the truck. Finally about 10 years ago, he got a job as a forklift driver and has an average salary, which some people with college don’t have.


My mom finished tailor high school, but got a job at Selk where she soldered over 1000 chips a day. She worked for couple of years and then my brother was borned. He’s now 15 years old and he has mental retardation. He walks and understands everything, but doesn’t talk, neither can do anything for himself, such as going to bathroom and feed himself. So she stayed at home to take care of him. Only 5 years ago we managed to get right to be caretaker and now recieves minimum salary.

Maternal Grandpa

My grandpa from mothers side was actually a medic. He only drove the ambulance vehicle, but never worked in a hospital. I actually don’t know anything about his history, when I was older he was already retired, so I’ve never seen him in action.


My uncle is a firefighter and I can say that this is the coolest job in my entire family. He actually went to firefighter highschool, so he’s one of few who works in his profession. His job is very stressful and dangerous. They often see dead people and sometimes save them. But they also save animals when they get stuck or something like that. Once he had to rescue duck who got tangled in wire. The best thing is that he’s afraid of anything that flies or crawls. You can only imagine what it was like for him.

What Does Your Family do For Living?, Seekyt


My aunt finished economic high school and went to veterinary faculty. She lover animals. But she’s not a vet, she’s a waitress for more then decade now. I atually don’t go out much, but I started to go to cafes and I’ve never been to her cafe bar.

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What Does Your Family do For Living?, Seekyt
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