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What features should I look for in a Toolbox/chest?

There are many different uses for a toolbox or tool chest. Some people use tools as part of their trade and their profession on a daily basis while other people just like to keep a basic set of tools around for occasional household or vehicle repairs. Either way, a toolbox or tool chest can offer a level of protection to tools that will help them retain their value and stay in pristine condition. Some people may go shopping for a toolbox and think: “What features should I look for in a Toolbox/chest?” There actually are a lot of different features available when shopping for this type of item and a number of factors should be considered including the following:


The size of the toolbox or chest that would be purchased really depends on a couple of factors. One of those factors is the amount of tools that need to be housed. If a person has a wide collection of tools then a larger box may need to be purchased. If a person is living in an apartment and only has a few basic items like screwdrivers, hammer, etc. then a handheld, small toolbox is perfectly adequate.

Style And Type

There are a number of different types of toolboxes on the market and when considering “What features should I look for in a toolbox/chest?” it is wise to consider the location and need for this toolbox. There are large, rolling tool chests that can be moved around a workshop area with ease. They usually come with many drawers and compartments and this type of chest holds a lot of items. There are also toolboxes that can be installed into the bed of a truck if a person uses their tools for their profession while they have their vehicle with them. There is always the handheld toolbox which can be used alone for a small tool collection or can be kept on hand for on-the-go jobs.


A toolbox / chest is convenient and a good way to keep tools organized and protected. This is not necessarily the case though if a toolbox does not have good compartments available in which to organize the tools and keep them separate. This is especially true if a toolbox is going to be used on the road. The commute can cause items to bump into one another and this can cause damage to the tools. It is wise to sit down with a list of the major tools a person has and shop according to those tools and what type of compartments will be needed.


Another factor to consider when shopping for a toolbox / chest is how durable the item needs to be. There are metal toolboxes that are extremely durable and wear well. They usually will last a lifetime if they are taken care of properly. There are also small, fabric tool bags that can be used to take tools to a different location for a job. These are nice because they are flexible and can be used for many different items and uses. For someone who is going to be using their toolbox a lot; the more durable the better.

For someone who is shopping around for a toolbox and is considering “What features should I look for in a toolbox/chest?” a good place to look and shop around is the ToolFix website. This is a good resource for purchasing a toolbox / chest and also for getting ideas prior to purchasing.

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