What Fuels Motivation?

Motivation is a driver that everyone loves to have. It can be a significant factor for us when trying to reach certain goals. You can find motivation inside of you or it can be found outside of you. An example of an intrinsic motivation could be happiness or excitement. An example of an extrinsic motivation could be money or grades. Discovering what fuels motivation can be a weapon we have that can help us overcome many difficult obstacles. It could take you to the top of your class in school or help you take your body to its limits. Now the answer:

Momentum Fuels Motivation

When we feel motivated, our vision are usually clear and things have been working out in our favor. This is momentum. The first thing that pops in my mind when I think of momentum is being on a roll. We always want to feel in the flow and positive. But in my case, there are many times when I lose this feeling and it sucks. Feeling unmotivated leads to laziness, bad moods, and even depression. How do I get out of these funks? Small accomplishments and learning.

Achieving a small victory always makes me feel better about myself. These victories can come in many different forms. Let’s look at some now.

Learning something from a book

Receiving a complement

Finishing a small, yet important task

Getting a good grade on a test

Doing well in a sporting event

Making a good first impression

Teaching a friend or child something useful

These are all examples of small accomplishments that create momentum. This is a weapon we have in our favor. Momentum can take us places we have never been before. It can help lead us to goals that we never thought we could achieve. It can help us aim for the sky.

I have been focusing on creating small goals for myself in different aspects of my life. If I go out on the weekend, I set small goals I want to achieve. At work, I create a small list of important things I want to accomplish that week. In school, I aim for certain grades in classes, but aim for small victories to get there.

Wherever you are in life, it is important to have goals. It is equally important to find a way to accomplish these goals. Working towards and accomplishing smaller victories will give you more instant gratification. This will help you move on to the next goal and so on. I encourage you to break up your big goals that may seem so far away, and start working on smaller goals that will hopefully get you there.

Create momentum. Build Motivation.