What Hardwood Flooring Medium is Right for You? Most Popular Types Revealed

Choosing to upgrade your home with hardwood flooring is a big decision that should be carefully assessed. Since the installation is certain to be costly, as will the medium, there are numerous factors to consider before you choose a flooring type. There’s no question that a wood floor will last you a long time, is easy to clean, is stain and spill resistant, is long-lasting and requires minimal maintenance. The biggest question, perhaps, is what type of flooring you should choose. Rely upon these helpful suggestions to make a progressive decision for your home’s interior.

Wide Planks (Distressed)
Distressed and wide planked wood flooring is immensely popular these days. The trend of using older styled flooring panels has become viral in recent years, and perhaps has been spurred in its popularity due to the many home improvement reality TV shows featuring this very wood flooring type. If you are seeking a homely, rustic and realistic feel and vibe, opt for distressed wood with wide planks.

Reclaimed Wood

A popular method of obtaining flooring for homes is found with reclaimed wood. This wood type is usually harvested from old buildings, typically historical ones. It can often be as many as 100 years in age or older. It possesses a signature look that cannot be imitated with fresh wood. This type of flooring is very popular in luxury homes.

Hardwood Floors

This wood type is very warm and deep. It easily augments a home that features white and black as the primary mediums, but can also sit nicely in a home with just about any other interior colors and ambiance. Maple is not cheap, but its looks become it as a top pick for those seeking a luxury flooring medium.

Red Oak
Perhaps one of the more popular of flooring choices these days is red oak. That’s because the warm yet subtle coloring fits in with nearly any type of interior design that can be devised. Like maple, oak is a costlier option. Its ruggedness is a sure investment that will last you for a lifetime of homeownership.

Basically, this term means that the wood flooring you’re having installed is colored to be a dark brown, almost black it its aesthetics. This is a very costly option, and as a result is only found in high end homes. Ebonizing wood is a fabulous way to add signature flare to any floor in any home.

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Cherry wood has always been a popular medium for wood floors, cabinetry and furniture. It’s rich warmth and color helps add some feeling to any home. A popular choice today is Brazilian cherry wood, which is known for its multiple shades of warm browns and dark browns that effortlessly complement the interior of any home.

This medium is often compared to cork or bamboo because it’s a naturally occurring resource that is naturally renewable. Since the trees grow back so fast, it’s considered to be one of the most eco-friendly woods around. Its dark brown hue is very similar to ebonized wood, yet naturally derived.