What I did for weight loss and fitness.

I am by no means anybody to consult about weight problems. I have absolutely no background in anything medical or fitness.
With that being said, about a year ago I weighed just about 210 pounds. I am a 6 foot 1 inch male. I decided at that point in my life that I weighed too much! I then put my sites on 170 lbs. I started to eat healthy. The things I ate included, Strawberries, Raspberries, Blueberries, Spinach, Kale, and protein shakes. I purchased my protein on Amazon.com since I found it much cheaper there. Slowly but surely I started to lose weight. I also decided that I would set my sites on being able to successfully run a mile without stopping. Slowly but surely I made my way to the gym on a daily basis. I had to work at 7am, so it just made logical sense to get up early and go before work! Once again I turned to amazon.com for some workout apparel. My daily routine consisted of, getting up at 5am to get to the gym by 5:30am and workout for an hour. My workout would be a few of the weight machines, working my arms, chest, stomach, and legs. After I got done with that I would go to the treadmill or the elliptical and do cardio for the rest of the time. After I was done with my workout I would go out in my car and eat some berries from which I packed before I left home. I would go to work for my 8 hour shift (which consisted of a lot of weight lifting just due to the nature of my job). Get off work and chug a protein shake, eat a few berries, and relax with the kids for a while. (Relaxing with kids isn’t very relaxing) For dinner I would make a salad that had the spinach and kale in it, and top it with berries and parmesan cheese! I would then obviously go to sleep, and redo that process every day. Over the course of the next few months I was able to get down to my 170 mark! I could see tone in my muscles, and definition in my stomach, but I could tell I had more work to do! By that time the weight loss had slowed down by a lot, but I was determined to look good! I continued to go to the gym and eventually got down to a weight of 160. I had lost about 50 pounds!
To this day I have gained a bit of the weight back due to a loss in interest in going to the gym, but I have become determined again to tone up. Eating healthy and living healthy is a completely different lifestyle and you feel completely different inside and out!
I am open to comments or concerns or questions if anyone is interested in chatting with me! Check out my profile for ways to communicate!