What is a Good Pet – Does a Cat Make a Good Pet

The answer to that question is solely up to the person considering owning a cat.

If you are interested in owning a cat I can definitely give you my perspective which should help you make your decision. My answer to the question as to whether a cat makes a good pet or not is yes. Like any pet you get a cat will take some work to train and then keeping the cat trained. Cats do have the need to scratch so that is something you will always have to keep on top of because it is an animal and they will go by instincts regardless of what you previously taught them. Cats are a lot of fun and who can resist a cuddly little kitten purring and nestling on your lap. The best part about training a new kitty or cat is that it doesn’t take much of an effort to litter train them.

Just make sure you have a new litter box filled with clean litter in an easily accessible spot and you won’t have any problems. When you bring the cat home lead them to the litter box and even pick them up and place them in it and let
the kitty sniff around. I don’t know how they know but they do, they know that this is where they are to do their business. If you try this and find that your cat still wants to go potty on your rug by the back door then possibly you are using a used litter box and the cat doesn’t want to enter the litter box that has the scent of another feline.

Another reason is that possibly you are using a scented litter that the cat doesn’t care for. Or you possibly just have
to place the cat back in the litter box a couple more times. Another issue to deal with regarding cats is the scratching. As you are probably already aware cats scratch. They need to scratch to sharpen and keep their nails trimmed. You probably don’t want them to be sharpening their claws on your furniture though. I recommend purchasing a small water bottle with a spray nozzle on it and every time the cat wants to scratch something give it a good squirt speaking firmly saying “NO” or whatever you want to say.

It is important to note that whatever you decide on using for your firm message that you keep using the same word(s) and tone when you are not pleased with what your cat is about to do or is already doing. Back to the water bottle.

I have used a water spray bottle with every cat I have owned and it has always worked. I never hit my animals. I don’t think it is necessary. Make sure you have a scratch post available for the cat and try keeping it in the same room always.

Cats don’t like things moved around. If you can try spraying a bit of cat nip on the scratch post to attract the cat to it.

One other thing you will want to decide is whether you are going to let your cat jump up on furniture counters and other places other than the floor.

I keep my cat on the floor except for one corner of the bed where she has her own blanket she can lay on. Even well trained cats will once in a while slip up and scratch something they shouldn’t or jump up somewhere you don’t want them. The best thing you can do is not lose it too much. Just let the animal know what it did wrong and carry on. Cats will sometimes act out if they are not getting enough attention or their litter box needs changing or even when their water or food dishes are empty.

They are very intelligent animals and will let you know when they need something.

One thing I like best about cats are that they are very independent. You can go away for a day or two and leave it alone if you have to, even though I don’t recommend it. When I go away even for just a weekend I still have a friend check on my cat just to make sure they have enough water and food and to give it some affection.

If you spend the time to make sure the cat has everything it needs which includes daily petting you will find that your pet is very easy to take care of.

When looking for a feline or any type of pet please go check out your local humane society and save an animal that needs someone’s love before the animal shelter has to euthanize it to make room for other animals.

Also if you can afford it please have your pet spayed or neutered. The fact that animal shelters have to euthanize means there are way too many pets in this world compared to people wanting to own them.