What Is A Lactose Free Diet?

A lactose free diet is for individuals who cannot eat lactose which is a sugar commonly found in dairy products. When your body does not have enough of the enzyme lactase, it can be very hard for your body to break it down and you may experience symptoms such as bloating, stomach cramps, gas and diarrhea.

When going on this type of diet it is important to avoid any foods that contain lactose to prevent any of the above symptoms from occurring. You can now get some lactase medications from your doctor which allow you to eat foods that contain lactose but it is recommended to try a small amount first and then increase the amount.

How To Find Out If You Are Lactose Intolerant?

This is usually done by going on an elimination diet. By taking out all foods that contain lactose you can see if you still suffer from any symptoms such as bloating or stomach pain. An elimination diet should also be under the supervision of a dietitian and must be done for at least a few months.

When going on a lactose free diet for the first time you will need to read the ingredients on products very carefully especially when buying margarine’s,butter and also some baked goods. You can also purchase lactose free milk in your supermarkets which means you do not have to miss out on your milk for any of your meals or drinks.

It is best not to give up dairy products entirely especially if your children are lactose intolerant. By consuming lactose free milk, rice milk or oat milk you can still get the same nutrition that you would get from regular milk.

Once you are diagnosed as being lactose intolerant, your doctor or nutritionist may also prescribe you vitamin supplements in particular calcium supplements for some individuals. When you are lactose intolerant it does not mean you have to avoid dairy products totally, some individuals are still able to consume foods with lactose in them it all depends on how severe their symptoms are. Some people may need to stay on a lactose free diet to help prevent painful symptoms.

Individuals who suffer from regular allergies have been found to be sensitive to lactose, so it is important to eat foods that will not cause any harsh reactions especially if your children are sensitive to many foods. No matter what type of treatment you decide to take, consuming a lactose free diet can help get rid of your painful symptoms.