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What is a Netbook Computer?

What is a Netbook Computer?

Currently the laptops which dominated the market in the early 2008 are now being faced out with the introduction of netbooks which are creating a huge competition in the computer industry. To many people the difference between notebooks, netbooks and laptops can be very confusing. The aspects mostly considered are the differences in size which includes the screen and the keyboard. What is generally known to many people is that netbooks are lighter and smaller compared to the notebook which is equally smaller than its counterpart, the laptop. But many users don’t know the specific sizes and weight of these computers.

Difference between netbooks and laptops

To begin with the differences between netbooks and laptops is generally the size. With the netbooks having a screen ranging from 5 to 12 inches while that of a laptop can go as high as 21 inches. On the other hand, netbooks weigh 1 to 3 pounds hence its increased portability. This is quite low compared to laptops which weigh more than even 5 pounds depending on particular brands. The other difference between a netbook and the laptop is the availability of the optical drive in a laptop which lacks in a netbook. This forces one to buy an external CD/DVD drive which may appear to be more costly.

Where to find netbooks

So where do you begin your search for the best netbooks in the market? This is now where the internet does come in handy. Online sites will have a wide range of information on netbooks for sale and some sites also offer information on the seller’s history to guarantee safe transactions. Examples of the acknowledged websites are eBay and amazon.com. Your search will be made easy when using such websites as a simple search may bring close to 100 netbooks with prices ranging from 150 to 300 dollars displayed. Then because many companies are in constant competition to introduce new models each day, you will find available different specs that may help you decide which netbook is the best for you.

Brands of best-selling netbooks

An example of some of the reputable notebook brands is the Alienware which has received a fair share of acknowledgement from all over the world. Their products are equipped with the latest high tech response and powerful processors. Apple is yet another brand, which receives acknowledgement for their unique designs, their most recent products being the prestigious iPads and iPods. Their price tags are quite affordable and definitely worth your investment due to their efficient processors and user friendly features. Lenovo is also among the best netbook producing company at the moment. Lenovo netbooks have a reputation of being sleek, attractive, efficient and have the guarantee of a long lasting battery life. Acer and Sony are other brands that won’t disappoint you as far as getting the best netbook in the market is concerned.

While shopping for a netbook, going online can quicken your search for the best netbooks available. To cut on prices even more you can choose to go for refurbished or used ones as long as you ensure you are not sold one that is not of good quality as such cases are not rare.

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