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What Is A PBX Phone System?

A private branch exchange (PBX) is a telephone system found within a business that has the ability to switch calls between local line users while allowing them to share a given number of external phone lines. It is mainly designed to curb the costs that come with securing a phone line for each and every user from the telephone company.
A PBX telephone system is owned and operated by the business as opposed to the telephone company. These systems use digital technology which is converted to analo9g format for calls that are destined for external recipients.

What Is A PBX System Made Up Of?

  • Multiple phone (telephone trunk) lines that terminate at the PBX
  • A computer system that has the software to take charge of the switching of the calls within the PBX system and in and out of it.
  • A network of connection lines within the PBX
  • An optional console that can be manned by a human operator.

What Are The Benefits Of A PBX System?

  • Increased productivity that results from applications which have the ability to provide call control, location and status of other users.
  • The telephone system also has a single number reach which automatically directs incoming calls based on user specifications.
  • Easy installation and administration that results from an intuitive interface.
  • It is a scalable system that has the ability to expand according to the needs of your business
  • The PBX system offers a low cost, full featured, reliable, simple to install, run and maintain phone and communications solution that comes in one appliance.
  • A PBX system gives you the ability to log all your calls which makes it possible to isolate where the major telephone cost is emanating from.
  • Calls are able to be distributed more efficiently under a PBX system.
  • You have the ability to grant each user with voicemail, voicemail to email.
  • You can also have auto attendant, paging over the phone and can ring multiple phones at the same go.
  • It can be integrated to any IP environment
  • Your business benefits from use of such a system by casting a professional and successful image.
  • It can connect home based workers, field workers, and other offices in one system.
  • You can have call queuing that makes customer interaction much better
  • You also have features such as find me or follow me.

A PBX Phone System for small business owners has many advantages that make it virtually impossible to go for any other solution. There are many forms of PBX systems of which the best on the market is currently the IP PBX option. You can find companies that offer this solution on the internet.

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