What is an Aura – Human Energy Field

aura chakra human energy field

In fact, aura is an energy system that has something to do with better life. It often takes effect on the way it takes to react on something. The better the aura is, the wiser one can run his/her life. So far, many people do not think of aura as something important because they even do not know what aura is all about. This condition is unfortunate as aura itself has something to do with every aspect of one’s life. According to some experts, aura is a real energy system that is alive and intelligent. When aura is blocked or disrupted, there will be a message to conscious level telling someone about there is something wrong and for this reason someone needs to address the imbalances. It is the fact that most people neglect existence of aura as an energy system. Instead, they put first priority on physical matters for better health. Aura is believed as a conscious energy that is connected to all energies existed in this universe. For this reason, it is very important to know anything about how to activate your aura in order that someone can take advantage of it for better life.

Human Aura

what is human aura

An aura is without a doubt an energy field surrounding, penetrating and extending out beyond one’s physical body. It is a kind of electromagnetic, electric as well as magnetic matter that is invisible. In accordance to some researches, aura is made up from a wide variety of live and intelligent of frequencies. Not only does an aura surround every living thing that include humans, plants and animals but also such inanimate things such as rocks, earth, moon and all planets in our Universe. Even all objects made by man are surrounded by aura. When it comes to human aura, this matter has some layers that cover physical, emotional, mental as well as spiritual elements. Auras without a doubt contain all primary colors available in the rainbow at a given time. Change color of an aura will depend on certain emotion one is experiencing. Human being’s aura is constructed by many colors that are certainly and constantly changing. This reflects on constant change usually happens to human being’s thoughts and emotions. One is apparent Aura has association with the better of one’s life and this is the reason why one has to look after this matter in the right way in order to bring something useful.

Energizing Your Aura

energizing your chakrasSince aura is something important to human being’s life, it is certainly a good idea for someone to know many things about this matter, especially the way it takes to improve aura. Some important aspects of aura has been discussed briefly above and now it is time to talk about the way you take to optimize aura in order that it can bring something good for life itself. The question is what makes aura get its best? The answer of this question is about happy and loving thoughts. When you smile and feel happy, aura without a doubt get its best. It is can be proven in a condition that other people say something like ‘you are so handsome’. Sad and angry thoughts with no doubt contract one’s aura. As usual, one will look unattractive if he or she has negative aura in a condition of uncontrolled emotion. As stated earlier, auras is connected each other. In other words, one’s aura has relation to aura of this universe. Related to this matter, density of a population takes effect on one’s aura in many cases. Overall, aura is invisible and has something to do with one’s life, and this is why looking after aura at its best is what one has to take into account for better life.