What Is An Obstetrician?

Unlike an gyn or those gynecologists in Miami who actually train in the study of women specifically as a medical practitioner concerned with the health of the female reproductive organs, an Obstetrician or the ob portion of ob gyn in Miami is a medical specialist who is a physician that specializes in the care of women who are pregnant from conception, prenatal care through labor and childbirth to the postnatal or after birth timeframe of the pregnancy life cycle. However many women think of the two different people in the two different specialties as one and the same.

If you think you need to see an ob gyn Miami you should know that not all gynecologists in Miami are also obstetricians but for the most part the services are often combined in one office and many gynecologists are indeed obstetricians as they have studied and been licensed in both specialty areas and can give medical advice and perform any treatment that a woman’s reproductive system may require like a tune up or surgery. Generally it is the obstetrician who will have as his patients’ woman who may have difficult pregnancies or women who might expect a difficult pregnancy or childbirth.

Gynecologists in Miami who also have an obstetric practice or ob gyn in Miami will want their patient who is pregnant schedule an appointment at least three times during the pregnancy. Since the definition of an obstetrician is a medical specialist who treats the surgical portion of pregnant and not pregnant woman. There are three trimesters in a pregnancy and in the first trimester a visit may include getting a complete blood work up, do a Rubella antibody and hepatitis B screen plus a urinalysis and pap smear. It will also include obtaining an image of both the mother and the fetus

The second and third trimester have additional tests such as different blood tests plus perform an ultrasound to get access to the cervix, placenta fluid and the baby. Of course the third trimester that gynecologists in Miami who are also obstetricians will have to do is deliver the baby and perform the initial exam of the baby to make sure the baby is healthy. They will also respond to any problems either the baby or the mother may incur or did incur during the labor and delivery. If the pregnancy was a high risk pregnancy then the practitioner in the ob gyn in Miami practice will have referred the woman to any specialists she or the fetus may have required.

If you are looking for an ob gyn Miami then you will have to find gynecologists in Miami who has passed the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology licensing requirements. One of the procedures that an obstetrician performs is a caesarean section or C-section which was first introduced in 1935 so there is a long history associated with this procedure and an obstetrician will be qualified to handle this procedure so both mother and baby arrive safely into the world.