What is cloud computing? – Dropbox

You may have heard phrases like “it’s stored in the cloud” or “my files are backed up online” but do you actually know what this means? Well, it’s more simple than it sounds, it’s basically an internet usb. Cloud companies will store your data online for free and it’s only accessible with a password meaning it’s all safe. If you’re hooked already join up now at Dropbox or any other cloud service.

Is it safe?

Cloud files are safely stored online so only you can access them (unless you deliberately try to share certain files) and you have the option to double lock it so it has two passwords rather than just the conventional one. Files are also encrypted so they are even more secure. Not only are the files secure online they’re also safe if your laptop breaks as they are safely backed up online.

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Using the cloud

Cloud companies tend to have a program to run on a range of devices. This means that if you have a file you want to use on multiple computers that, as long as it’s saved in the cloud folder on the computer (which is created by the program), all devices with the program will receive the updated version of the file so you can work on it on any platform (device).

Benefits of using the cloud

  1. You can access your files from multiple different devices
  2. If anything happens to your computer you still have the files safe online
  3. The files automatically sync (update) on different devices so all of them have the same file
  4. It’s free!

How do I join?

Simply search for a cloud company online such as Dropbox , sign up and then download the program. Cloud companies make registration easy as they just want more users.

Cloud computing. Here to stay?

I think that like many innovative technological ideas cloud computing will be around for many years to come. It’s easy to use, it’s free (for a limited amount of storage) and it’s simply very handy. Not only that but more and more companies are including some form of cloud storage. Even apple have got iCloud on the iPhone! Cloud computing is most definitely here to stay.