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What is happiness


Meaning of happiness

Happiness is not a specific subject with a perfect shape to be given a particular definition. It is an elusive term that refers to different meanings to different persons and individuals. It may be adding a pleasurable moment or removing a moment of unhappiness. Everybody’s aim in life is to become happy though none of us is fully aware of the true meaning of happiness and in spite of chasing madly after it ultimately fails to grasp it.

Personalities vary and so definition of happiness also varies. But the single basic cause that sources unhappiness is human want. People become happy when their desires are fulfilled but they don’t understand these initial desires give rise to even more desires and the list goes on till death leading to unfulfillment and being the route of unhappiness. We are the masters of our own demands and desires and want others to fulfill our expectations the way we want to make us happy. But this is not in our hands and of course situations do not always go in the same way as we want or people may not react as per our expectation that can make us happy. This goes equally for us too as we also fail to behave according to others’ expectations. Happiness cannot exist without unhappiness because these two are complementary to each other. We always want the brighter side without accepting the darker one. Happiness is only the increased degree of unhappiness but the nature of the both is same.What we have to do is to choose the positive degree from the negative ones. Life is incomplete without the both.

We are often busy and obsessed with our own desires to get happiness. But this only gives the result of producing maximum desires with more struggles to fulfill them which cause unhappiness. We may be unconscious of the fact that sometimes we want to achieve happiness just for the sake of getting rid of the pain or cause of sorrow. For example we want a good health to avoid disease and illness and the troubles they cause. Along with that we want to remain anxiety-free and safe.

A small good smile is often enough to begin a happy feeling. In worrying much about the future or pondering on the past we often spoil our precious present that can be lived up to the best. It reminds a famous quote: “You can’t change the past,and you can ruin a perfectly good present,by worrying about the future.”

In Aristotelian view happiness comes as a virtue of serving others and not as an individual satisfaction.He describes happiness as a permanent expression represented through the humanity as a whole. According to this philosophy individual’s happiness or the happiness of a ‘true-self’ interfuses with the wider range of universal humanity and the identity of true happiness finds its way in the vastness of society.

Happiness lies in our innerselves, in the way we see the world and the thought that effects our life.It cannot come by any learning or formal education. The energy or strength that we have to combat the difficulties in life determines the amount of happiness we should be showered by life. It is our attitude and strength of mind through which we can win over everything and that can not be overshadowed by any trials and tribulations or hardships.

There are two kind of happiness: relative and absolute.

Relative happiness is temporary and apparent. It comes from the comparisons with others in respect of materialistic things or those things that appear to be the source of happiness.There are always some conditions behind the existence of this kind of happiness. Nothing lasts forever and so happiness vanishes when one desire comes to an end giving way to another.

But absolute happiness is something that is permanent and unaffected by any external force.It is a perfect sense of joy within you without any condition. This is immortal and exists through eternity. Here the comparison is not with others but between “today’s me” and “tomorrow’s me”.

To define happiness it is better to follow the lines of the poem : “A person with a pure mind is happy./Such a person is always surrounded by refreshing breezes of joy.”

What is happiness
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