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What is InfoBarrel and how does it work?

What is InfoBarrel?

InfoBarrel is a free online revenue-sharing website where users can post their own content and make a passive income based on the amount of advertising revenue generated from their content. In Infobarrel’s words, they are a website that “shares the potential revenue generated by an author’s content directly with the author.” In addition, Infobarrel is a community of writers who spend their time creating amazing content geared towards helping readers either educate themselves or solve a problem. Infobarrel was built to reward writers for the great content they produce. Writers can choose to either donate their earnings to charity or build a passive income stream through Tier 1 and Tier 2 Ads. Tier 1 Ads are usually AdSense and Tier 2 Ads are the other advertisers such as Chitika, Amazon, etc. As I said before, InfoBarrel is free to sign up for, so if you enjoy writing and want to make some extra side money, then InfoBarrel is the place for you.


Currently in the market, InfoBarrel has the highest revenue sharing model, standing at 75%. This means that for each $100 InfoBarrel makes with ads, the writer receives $75! In addition to this, InfoBarrel offers contests each month where you can increase you earnings potential up to 90%! A great characteristic about writing for a revenue-sharing website is that they help promote your content, because the better you do, the better they do. Writers can still share their content on social media and with their friends, but InfoBarrel has a huge following that will add to your potential earnings.

The topics on InfoBarrel are endless, writers can create anything they want as long as it meets their guidelines (no pornography, copies of other peoples work, etc). The main categories they have created are Business, Entertainment, Health, Home, Lifestyle, Tech and Travel. Also, users can spice up their articles by adding pictures, videos, or sound clips. InfoBarrel isn’t only about writing and revenue-sharing though. They have built a website where users can interact with each other on the forum, follow their friends and they even have a private messaging system.

How does InfoBarrel Work?

InfoBarrel gave a great definition encompassing how their entire system is supposed to work, “InfoBarrel is redefining the way average users participate in online media sites. By contributing their knowledge in the form of media (articles, videos, picture galleries or sound clips) any user can generate an income stream via the Google Adsense program while simultaneously contributing to a community of knowledge hungry individuals.” Basically, anyone who is capable of writing (in fluent English) can start making a second income through InfoBarrel.

These are the 5 steps breaking down how InfoBarrel works:

1. Signup for free!

The first step to InfoBarrel is to sign up for free! Fill out the form and confirm your email address and you can start creating content. It is highly suggested to upload a profile picture and fill in some background information about you in your account profile.

2. Create your own original content:

InfoBarrel is a place where anyone fluent in English can create their own unique content that they can share with the world. However, make sure that the content being created is original, meaning it can’t be found anywhere else on the internet. However, if your content isn’t original, InfoBarrel will deny your article from being published and take it down from their website.

It is recommended to produce high quality content over a large quantity of low quality content. The reason this is recommended is because the higher quality content receives more attention, and more attention means more views, which means more money in your pocket.

3. Earn Money from Ads

Every article you publish on InfoBarrel has the opportunity of making you money. All users on InfoBarrel receive 75% of the revenue generated from the ads shown on their articles. With most revenue-sharing websites you have to have your own AdSense account to get paid. However, if you didn’t know, it can be very difficult to get an AdSense account, especially when you don’t have your own website/blog. Luckily, InfoBarrel solved this problem and created IB Ad system, where they receive all the Ad revenue through their AdSense account and then they distribute the publisher’s portion directly to them through PayPal. Now all you need is a PayPal account to get paid!

4. Participate in the community

On InfoBarrel you are encouraged to add your friends and follow the content they create, or view other user’s articles and rate them up, or down. Also, users can explore the forum and have conversations or debates with others about any subject important to them.

5. Share with your friends and family

Share the articles that you find interesting with your friends and promote your own content! Members can also send articles via email to their friends and family easily using the InfoBarrel email function. If you know anyone you think would enjoy contributing content to InfoBarrel refer them with your personal referral code and receive 2% of all their ad revenue! This is a great way to get friends and families involved while simultaneously boosting your earnings.

If InfoBarrel seems like something you would enjoy sign up for free and get started writing!

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