What is inspiration and how to inspire

Inspiration is an abstract term that has no particular definition or rather that cannot be defined. It works as a stimulus that energizes us, strengthens us and makes us hold something towards our goal. It is a spontaneous feeling that has to be realized in order to make our dreams alive.

Importance of Inspiration in Life

Life is all about going on. Living life itself is the greatest lesson one can ever have.Inspiration is nothing but the footprints we get form life and from everything around to chase our destinations. It gives us the all possible direction to the right path and comes as a ray of positive hope in the midst of dark pessimism. Inspiration is the single word that makes us focused and encourages to set a good example and build an ideal character before the world. Being inspired by someone or something we follow certain steady way to succeed in life. In short inspiration is the bottom line of big achievements in life that is worth having.

Meaning and Source of Inspiration

Inspiration seems to mean different factors to different people. Let me explain this by citing some examples. At a particular outing some of young friends went together to enjoy and have some fun. The place was an amazing one surrounded by trees and hills and chirping of birds was echoing through the air in an incredible way. The natural beauty of the place was immediately caught the attention of the viewers and they just kept silent listening and perceiving those beautiful experiences in their own ways. One of them took out his camera instantly to catch every bit of moments. He clicked the sharp edges of rocks, mysterious grace of floating clouds, flights of innocent free birds, flowing brook streaming out of the mountains and every corner of the ever changing nature. To him nature was like an inspiration for his art of photography as a master artist who has portrayed every single subject with a minute articulation and placed it where it should be with the perfect color combination. Another friend among them who was a musician already started feeling the music in the silence and calmness prevailing everywhere.He discovered the beat of the music in the echoing chirping of the birds and in the gentle breeze passing over and described the quietness as a blissful peace that generates music in its silent vibration. So nature appeared as a true inspiration to him in his musical creativity that helps him find a better meaning that others cannot see or feel.The same Nature plays different inspirational roles to different people.Hence people can take it as it comes to them,as it makes them feel happy.

People may get inspired by someone or by something, it may be a book, a piece of art, a song,a movie, an autobiography or anything that stirs them up for positive thinking to get success in life, to fall in love with life despite all its wounds and hurts.

How to Inspire

In order to inspire others we need to inspire ourselves first. For that we have to developpositive attitude towards life and try to grow all those habits that help us direct our qualities to do good things. We should practice learning from our past mistakes but not to stick to them and step forward to the future for going ahead. That is how we can nurture productive thoughts and gain knowledge to earn respect from others. A well-fed and matured mind lead others to the right way and inspire and influence them by its behavior and work.

Being a Man of Principles

We ought to value our principles so that people can learn from that. If we follow certain principles in life and never sacrifice them at the cost of anything we will surely get what we want in the end. Principles should be logical and should come from a strong moral ground. It would be an ideal example of inspiration if we really can show our sincerity and devotion towards our values.

Positive Words

Positive words make one’s belief stronger and let him start afresh.Negative words always let one down but the same thing expressed in an optimistic manner proved to be successful like if anyone says “you are getting depressed” but instead anyone can explain it “you need some extra hope for this”. The latter is a positive approach to boost up the person.

Never Losing Hope

If we want to inspire someone we have to stick to that till the end never losing hope.We should support and encourage that person so that he can find the right way and the inner urge to do the particular thing.This is a sort of healing that should not be stopped and needs tremendous patience.

Friendly and Expressive Communication

When communicating with others we should be friendly and open-minded to share our experiences with them for a better purpose of story-telling.They can be inspired by our life stories if not 1000 in number but at least 50 among them and utilize them in their own life and that will be a reward for us.

Inspiration is like a thought that makes us believe that everything in life is not so bad and if we do wish and try harder we too can be the first one to turn the impossible to a possible one. It reminds us the old saying by Edison: “Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.”

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