What is Mattress Encasing

What is mattress encasing? Mattress encasement is a type of mattress protector that encases the entire mattress. These types of mattress protectors use a zipper to cover the mattress and they are considered to be the best mattress protector you can get. By the way, these mattress protectors are also known as zippered mattress protectors in case you run across one in your search. When you have a bed bug problem or want to keep bed bugs out of your mattress then a mattress encasement is exactly what you need. Or if you simply want maximum protection a mattress encasing is the way to go.

Many times people get confused when searching for mattress protectors since they see them with several different titles such as mattress covers, mattress protectors, mattress encasings, mattress pads and mattress toppers. Then they wonder what the difference is and aren’t sure what to do. If you are one of these people then you’re about to find out what the difference is so that you can choose the correct one for your needs.

Let’s start with mattress covers and mattress protectors as these two are identical except for name. They fit on the mattress like a fitted sheet and are usually waterproof and sometimes hypoallergenic to protect against dust mites and other allergens. You will need to check features for level of protection provided. Typically the higher the price the more features it will have and brand matters as well, some are quality made while others aren’t.

These next two really confuse people and they are the mattress pad and mattress topper. A mattress pad is used primarily for bed wetting protection with minimal padding for added comfort and may be held in place by straps or fitted sheet style. The mattress topper is more like another mattress on top of the existing mattress and is used to add maximum comfort and extend the life of the mattress. The two most popular types of mattress toppers are latex and memory foam.

Choosing a mattress protector is a matter of need and preference. As you can see each of these mattress protectors provide a certain level of protection, but it is up to you to figure out what level of mattress protection you need. Now that you know the difference in them it should be a little easier.