What Is Often Considered The Best Whipper Snipper Blade?

If you regularly spend time trimming around obstacles in your yard, you might be trying to determine what the best whipper snipper blade is. This can actually be quite a complicated task, as there are a variety of shapes, sizes and even brands on the market. Many people, however, have found that brush destructor blades seem to be a great option, as they offer a number of benefits.

  • No Stopping
    Swapping out the usual line for a blade means that you won’t have to stop to fix worn or even broken line. As it cuts through everything, from grass up to 8 inch hardwood gum tree trunks, you also won’t have to swap out different blades for the material in question.
  • No Wasted Time
    One of the main problems with standard line is that grass and weeds are prone to becoming wrapped around the gearhead. These vertical anti-fouling blades will grind away and spit out anything that wraps around the gearhead, ensuring that you can continue with your task.
  • Faster Cutting
    This blade will mulch and clear more ground than any other, which is why more and more commercial lawn care companies are choosing to use them. Instead of spending your whole Saturday maintaining your property, you’ll be able to get on with more important things.
  • Non-Stop Cutting
    You will be able to cut non-stop for the duration of an entire tank of fuel – there is no need to stop to change, adjust or untangle anything. As well as saving time, this makes your task easier than ever – people who previously hated gardening find themselves enjoying it.
  • More Cutting Power
    Another reason that this is the best whipper snipper blade is that it has increased cutting power. The heavy mass of the hub provides it with short-term reserve flywheel power, allowing you to cut through extra tough grass or even thick branches.
  • Longer Life
    You will find that your gearhead lasts longer as a result of the combined effort of the flail blades (which bounce out of the way) and the flywheel mass of the hub (which absorbs impact shock loads). It will also require far less maintenance and repairs.
  • Less Wear
    You will also find that there is less wear on your whipper snipper’s clutch, as the toothed blades will cut through debris instead of smashing their way through (like line). This means that the machine as a whole will require far less maintenance and repairs.
  • Fuel Saving
    When using these blades, you will find that your machine requires far less power to cut through most materials (particularly grasses and soft weeds). This means that it operates far more economically, so you won’t have to fill up the tank as often.
  • Cost Saving
    There are actually a number of ways that these blades can help to save you money. As they can be kept sharp more easily than other types, they only need to be replaced when they’ve worn down. They also save on maintenance and repair costs, as they’re rarely needed.

We hope that the information provided above has shown you that the best whipper snipper blade is a brush destructor. Once you’ve used the blade a few times, we’re sure that you’ll agree. These blades are available from most hardware and gardening supply stores – if you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, be sure to ask a sales assistant for some help.

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