What is Pinterest and why use it?

Pinterest is the phenomenon of the moment, it is very likely that when you talk to someone and do not ask for your facebook or twitter, now is, are you on Pinterest?

Pinterest is a social network that makes since last year on the internet, but in recent months has become a rage among users, it is still in beta stage, bone test, and most people need to join invitation. Once you get to create an account is easy, you can do even directly integrating your Pinterest account with Facebook or Twitter.

Now concerned? Pinterest? I wondered the same thing when I looked almost as blogger obliged to join, but I really questioned how far to join a new social network, which ultimately (thought) surely would be more of the same, and social networks are very beneficial but time consuming.

Pinterest is the union of two words, more Pin Interest, which would come to be translated as hooking interests, the big difference of this network is that it is virtually 100% visual, Pinterest encounter as the union of graphics placed in a folder all favorites that you keep on your computer and also share them with other users.

Once you find a page, theme, tutorial, image or blog that you are interested and want to save, you give Pin, via a plug in that later I will explain how to install, and you organizing “boards” or called forums or folders in Spanish theme. Most Popular Pinterest, being a very visual social network, forums are recipes, food, beauty, fashion, art and crafts.

And there lies the success of it, is pretty (visual), organized yet can advertise and / or share links.


Through the Re-Pin, when a user finds an image he liked, add it in your folders through an option called Re-Pin, to do so only you click on the button that says Re-Pin and choose to that you will add the image folder, you need not leave a comment to the person who uploaded the image, and always contain the same links, therefore not copy, steal or use without permission or authorization.

What it should do is follow other users, the more you do, the more you have to share, re-pin your folders and of course discover.

Now, your pins need not be necessarily beautiful images folders, for example to keep track of all the conferences you want to attend this year created a board called “Blogging Conferences”, simple and organized in one place.

Why should bloggers interested in Pinterest?

Pinterest brings more traffic than Google+, YouTube and LinkedIn Combined [study] – The traffic statistics prove that Pinterest is now the preferred social network, mostly, future brides, fashionistas, food and the arts. Board also find many travel, home organization, books and gifts or favorite products.
Because Pinterest is the social network of HOT 2012 – Pete Cashmore, founder and CEO of Mashable, says so, and if he says I invite you to find out why.
Pinterest for brands and companies: 5 Hot Tips – Mashable explains to businesses, brands and companies how to use Pinterest to promote lifestyles, run contests and sweepstakes, focus groups and inspire teams.

How to use Pinterest?

Create an account already integrating it with you on Facebook (then you can separate)
Create folders to your interests.
Follow others, Pinterest will suggest add your Facebook contacts who are already there as well, as I said earlier, the more people you follow, the more things you discover and share both. When you follow someone, you also have the option of following all folders or only some of them.
Put the plug in for your browser, when you first pin can install a tool, dragging the icon that appears to anchor your computer browser, this will only happen once, but I’ll ask in all folders creating go with once and I’ll do it forever.
Add Pins from other sites or from your own blog: When you visit a blog, website or any website where you find something you want to add to your Pins, just click the icon that was on your browser that says “Pin it “pattern appears possible to select, click on the one you like and then you should put in that folder you will add your pin. You also have to write a title that describes your pin.
Finally, add the button to your readers on Pinterest sig you, and you find the same code and everything done in the section that says “About,” then Buttons and Goodies. There’re several little buttons to choose from and add to your blog and also find instructions for adding Pinterest to your browser.