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What Is So Good About Internet of Things (IOT) As a Service

The Internet of Things (IoT) focuses on making things quite simple and possible in the near future, as the new and emerging platform promises a lot for businesses. It may take several actions and might come up with tangible results that can be overwhelming, complicated, and sometimes expensive. Many companies are focusing on using IOT as a service and most of the users will be availing cloud storage platform from such firms, in the near future. Microsoft can help various organizations drive business results by building trust in the existing technology, framing assets, developing excellent devices, and managing data. Microsoft is the first company, along with its partner ecosystem, that will be soon introducing devices that carry various services and the cloud storage feature to help you take advantage of IOT.

When anything is possible with the technology and where do you begin?

The new Internet technology is currently much hyped, and the platform tends to make vast projections for the future. According to the data reports published by McKinsey Global Institute, the Internet of Things will possibly create an economic impact of $2.7 trillion to $6.2 trillion annually by 2025, which will directly transform life, business, and the global economy. The institute further claimed that the technology is not at all futuristic, but it should be referred as an aspiring technology trend. The service has been creating devices, sensors, and cloud infrastructure that you’re already using. Since, the technology of Internet covers everything like billions of devices and sensors, users are now need to be focused on what matters to them.

Create the Internet of Your Things with intelligent systems

Microsoft provides a unique and integrated approach for enterprises to capitalize on the emerging online trends by offering a cloud platform that gathers, stores, and processes data with optimal ease. This approach extends and reaches the edge of enterprise networks, thus, the company has developed powerful new developer tools, Microsoft Azure Intelligent Systems Service, backend systems, and a diverse ecosystem. These intelligent systems help enterprises store their valuable information on the Windows platform and collect data from the edge of the network for processing it. The data available with the Microsoft’s data platform reaches engaging applications to draw real-time analysis and actionable opportunities that aren’t possible without taking help of the advanced IOT tools.

In order to grow, expand and streamline business operations, and improve customer, employee, and partner interactions, these digital signs or point-of-service (POS) terminals within intelligent systems transform business intelligence.

Why you should choose IoT as a service?

1. Create new insights on your competition

Getting notifications from your refrigerator about the stock ends, providing access to doctors about the patient records, and facility to enable online grocery shopping are some of the amazing examples of the evolution of the new Internet technology.
Since many customers are already taking advantage of the IoT for getting their devices paired, the platform invites users to create new insights. Same goes with business, in which professionals can easily link data to transform their business activities towards a better phase. Business users should create a strategy by employing the new technology to empower their businesses to lead, instead of managing to catch up.

2. Get more out of your existing IT assets

You can easily start the process with your existing IT assets and starting building future projects upon them. To offer a better communication platform for your business, all you can do is add a few new devices, connect them to the cloud, and enable them. It will maintain a good platform between your employees and customers, thus, helps a business to grow at a rapid speed. You can also transform your business by utilizing the data, predictions, and results generated by those devices, with business intelligence tools to understand customer’s requirements.

3. Internet of Things (IOT) is everywhere

It is not appropriate to term this Internet trend as a futuristic technology, as today it resides on your devices and sensors. Every day you make use of all the data they produce in the form of your cloud services and business intelligence tools, but a lot of improvement is still needs to be done. By implementing a customized strategy to capitalize this new trend, you can easily turn your normal running business into a big hit.

4. Become more efficient

Connecting devices and systems will save a lot of crucial minutes starting from a user’s login process, hours of accessing the inventory, or time invested in routine system upgrades and enhancements. Since the devices will allow a seamless data flow between them and through the cloud, you can access it anytime and make your business more efficient. Once all the points will be joined together, it will require less time for pulling reports, and professionals can get more time for creating new services.

5. Enable small changes to make a big impact

The Internet of Your Things identifies the one process, product line or location that predicts the most about you and then makes small changes in them to create a big impact. Connecting robots in the factory with a programmed system results in creating a continuous production and it also eliminates human efforts and enhances the production as well. Another example is saving thousands of dollars in wasted medications just by adding expiration dates to the data set for pharmacy inventory. The technology doesn’t require to be overwhelming every time, but several small changes along with some sound improvements can make a big difference.


The new advancement in the Internet technology can do a lot to turn things favorable for your business, and it might take a step forward to get some good opportunities for your business. Cloud storage is an important factor that is affecting the platform right now, and it is expected that the business organizations will soon adopt many of such features. Business intelligence tools will bring various opportunities for enterprises to understand customer relationships and behavior to come up with new possibilities that can enhance business operations. The stored data is capable of offering possible clues to the organization about the preferred products and experiences searched by your customers, hence, build a healthy communication between the two. Visualizing emerging patterns and predicting customer behavior will be the next step to assure favorable situations for any business using Internet of Things.

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