What is Special and New about Outbrain.Com?

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Are you looking for a content discovery platform? Are you in need of a service provider that will assist you in engaging your audience? Do you need professional help with content amplification? You can employ the Outbrain.com technology which will efficiently solve all these needs of yours.

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Nature of “traffic lift” to be expected: While installing Outbrain, a client might wonder about the nature of traffic lift to be expected from the service provider. CTRs or click-through rates on recommendations of Outbrain differ considerably on the basis of varied factors like UI, placement, length of the content, and number of links. If the client adopts the best UI practices of Outbrain, he is likely to see a click-through rate ranging between 4% and 10% which is quite impressive for just a few minutes of work.

Feel and look of the widget: The client might wonder if he would need to customize the feel and look of the widget. Outbrain automatically inherits the CSS of the client for an elegant merging with the feel and look of the client’s website. The client can discuss about the intended look of his widget with his Outbrain account manager prior to the launch and the account manager can help the client in styling it according to the specifications of the client. Instructions or a “mock up” from the design team of the client are always of help. Modifications to the widget’s feel and look can be done by CSS and can be hosted by either Outbrain or the client. If the client has any questions about the widget’s design changes, he can contact his account manager of Outbrain.

How does Outbrain select what to recommend? Outbrain uses a varied range of approaches for surfacing the best possible links for every user. The platform considers a number of factors comprising of post popularity, contextual similarities and obviously audience patterns while selecting recommendations. Outbrain.com also filters its recommendations for every user visiting the site of the client to ensure that they do not come across links to content they have already read. The algorithms of the platform are all equipped to assist readers in finding interesting content and thus boost engagement on the client’s site.

Addition of Self-Service: Last year, Outbrain has launched a “self-service” version of Outbrain Amplify, the platform that dedicatedly recommends related and relevant content material to audiences on the sites they are visiting and also recommends relevant material from other sources on the internet. Outbrain, the well-connected and well-funded content discovery service provider, has announced this new “self-service” addition to its business, which also indicates how referral services and recommendations already widely used by larger publishers and brands are increasingly getting accessible to smaller competitors. Thus, the addition of self-service to the content discovery platform of Outbrain enables the prolonged tail of small brands to use it as well.

According to http://www.outbrain.com/engage/” rel=”nofollow”>Outbrain.com, before the launch of self-service, Outbrain Amplify could only be availed by larger brands which would effectively purchase a subscription that would cover bulks of content.

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What is Special and New about Outbrain.Com?, Seekyt
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