What is squalene? Miracle oil extracted from the rare Aizame shark liver

Squalene is the term used for a natural organic compound that can be found in some plants and vegetables.

However, the main source of squalene comes from shark liver oil. What is squalene really is and where can you find it? The aizame or dog fish is a smaller of all shark species.

The length of this shark is no longer than 1.5 meters, with 50 pounds of body weight.

The most prominent characteristic an Aizame shark has is the big liver contributes about 40% of the overall weight. In other words, if the average of weight this Aizame shark is 50 pounds, then the liver alone will carry a whopping 20 pounds.

What makes Aizame sharks stand out? First, their habitat considered hostile. They can be found, deep down, to swim around between 300 to 1000 meters below sea level where there is not enough sun-lights, lack of oxygen supply, and battling high sea water pressure.

If this shark can survive in such a harsh environment for so many years. There must be a secret behind their incredible strength, endurance and longevity.

What is squalene used for and why the aizame is so potent? The answer is in the liver. According to traditional medical practices from Japan, China, and Korea, they had been using oil from shark liver to relief fatigue, cure cold and other symptoms.

These particular shark species can be found in European Countries Sea like Spain, Norway, Portugal, as well as South-East Asia.

Surprising benefits of squalene

  • Enhance vitality – consuming shark liver oil or squalene will help to increase vitality as it contains high concentration of HDL lipid or the good cholesterol. This cholesterol that squalene carrying helping your body to boost metabolism and the creation of Vitamin D as well as increasing hormones level such as testosterone.
  • Better immune system – squalene carrying substances that can improve the cell’s activities in the liver, thymus and bone marrow which eventually improving your immune system which highly efficient against cold, flu, hepatitis, and pneumonia.
  • Smoother skin – you can use squalene on skin as moisturizer and fight wrinkles.
  • Natural purifier – when you consume squalene regularly, you will help your blood to detoxify from toxins and improve circulation. The squalene also cleanses kidney, and intestines, which allow you to improve bowel movements and healthier urinary tract.
  • Cells revitalization – weak cells within your body can be revived using squalene as it provides protection for body cells from getting an oxidation process capable of transform oxygen into different forms such as the notorious free radicals which may damage the cells.
  • Fatigue reliever – squalene carrying high concentration of oxygen, which will be well distributed throughout your body and the source of your fatigue or sore muscles such as lactic acid will be turned into water, carbon dioxide and energy, leaving you much fresher muscle.
  • Healthier heart – the omega-3 fatty acids found in the squalene very useful to lower the LDL or bad cholesterol to a minimum level. In addition, the fatty acids help to stabilize heart beat, and fights high blood pressure.
  • Fight diabetes – squalene capable of helping to repair any pancreas gland damages and increase the insulin production.

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