What Is The Best Boombox Online?

‘Mama had a squeezebox, Daddy never slept at night!’

Do you remember those words from a great song back in the day? You can call it a boombox, a radio or a squeezebox, but what is the best boombox online for gift giving?

Here’s some ideas for you to make an informed opinion when shopping for boomboxes online.

Logitech Squeezebox Radio Music Player with Color Screen

This is a type of modern day boombox that you use without a computer. You can listen to music, news and sports from all over the world via wi-fi. You will have to be near a wi-fi network but the sound is amazing for such a small player. One review said it was well built and solid, it has free online services and you can play your own music too. Sounds like a great squeezebox for the young and even the older group as well.

Coby CXCD251BLK Portable CD Player with AM/FM Radio

Here’s what you get for under $25: A top loading CD player, CD, CDR and CD-W compatible which is great for those of us who haven’t converted everything yet. You also get a telescopic antenna, AM/FM radio and digital LED display along with 3.5m headphone jack and hi output speakers. Not a bad price. Reviews were all in agreement that it is a good value for the money.

Emerson PD6548SL Portable Radio CD Player with Cassette Recorder

If you are familiar with any Emerson product, you are aware they have some good stuff. Plus, if you still use cassettes then you really may want to consider this affordable boombox. It’s actually under $50 on Amazon.com and right now there is free shipping with special circumstances. Someone suggested this is nice to put in a baby’s room to play some soothing music for the little one.

All in all, it depends what you are looking for in a device to find the best boombox online.

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