What is the Best Canon Camera to Buy?

If you want to know what the best canon camera is, you need to decide two things. How much are you willing to spend? What do you plan to do with your camera?

Those two important questions will allow you to decide what the best canon camera for your needs will be. It is important to know that most modern cameras offer similar features.

What you need to pay close attention to is the amount of megapixels your camera comes with. This is mainly important if you want to print out larger pictures. Another feature that is just as important is the focal length of your camera. If you can get a wide angle camera with about 28 mm attribute, you will be getting a decent device.

Another important thing that a lot of people ignore is getting to know your camera and using all the features it has. Most expensive cameras tend to have more features but the question is, do you need everything the camera has to offer? In most cases, you will realize that you will not even use half of what your camera’s capabilities.

Most digital cameras that are small or compact, will take great pictures but with limited zoom capabilities. This is not a showstopper and most people don’t require telephoto performance.

If you want a no-frills Canon camera that will give you video recording capabilities and a decent picture quality, you can consider the following:

Canon PowerShot A2200 14.1 MP Digital Camera

Canon PowerShot A3300 IS 16 MP Digital Camera

These cameras are within the $100 price range. They’re great for taking holiday pictures and intimate moments with friends and families. With enough megapixels, you will be able to print decent quality pictures.

If you’re willing to spend a little bit more on your Canon digital camera, you can check out these:

Canon PowerShot SX40 HS 12.1 MP Digital Camera

Canon EOS 1000D Digital SLR Camera with Canon EF-S 18-55mm lens

Canon EOS Rebel XS Digital SLR Camera with Canon EF-S 18-55mm IS

The main difference between these set of Canon cameras and the previous set is not only that they cost more but they also have better lenses. The price range is from $300-$600. You will be getting a digital single lens reflex camera with all the added features that are needed to take great quality pictures.