What is the Best Car Battery to Buy?

If you are buying a new car battery, you are likely wondering, what is the best car battery to buy? If you have not made a decision already maybe we can help you in your decision making process.

There is a variety of replacement car batteries for your vehicle, and we will help you compare with our best rated shortlist!

If you want, grab a pen and paper, and make a list of pros and cons. There’s a pretty good chance that you won’t be writing down anything in the cons list.

What to look for when choosing a battery for your car

The brand of car battery you purchase is important, depending on what type of engine you have. If your car is one of those ‘smart’ cars that will shut off your electricity for you if you forgot, then you are really in luck.

A must in finding out what is the best car battery to buy for your car, is comparing the value along with the price so you get the best battery for the money. However, you definitely want one that will last for a very long time.

We are here to help you determine what is the best car battery to buy. Make sure the battery will fit your make and model of car as there is limited space of an engine compartment so measure the size of your old battery before shopping online! The following is a list of top rated car batteries for 2012-13:

Kinetik 600-Watt 12-Volt Power Cell Blade Term

Kinetik 600-Watt 12-Volt Power Cell Blade TermAt 5 star ratings and many satisfied reviewers, you know you are getting a great deal, and a battery that will last a lifetime. This car battery has AGM Technology along with a sealed design that keeps it from spilling over.

You can mount this battery in any position, and this is great since not every car is assembled exactly the same way. Some batteries are under the engine, and some are on top. It also has ultra heat and vibration resistance.

It weighs only 15 pounds. It is very affordable for the value it offer, making it a great buy at just under $80.

Optima Battery 8050 – 160 D31T Yellow Top Dual Purpose

This one has 4 star ratings on Amazon. It is a very powerful 12 volt and you can use it to keep your car running well. This is the best battery to buy if you live up north, where cars need to be started 15 minutes before taking off. Reviewers say it takes and holds a charge well and lasts for many hours when camping or in emergencies too, read more

Its 60 pounds weight with a steel stud. It also has 900 cold cranking amps for even more power on cold mornings. If you are looking for extra power for lots of accessories such as running lights, hydraulics, winches, or even a high-performance stereo system, then this is the battery for you. It is an inexpensive car battery at just under $220.

Exide Orbital 34 XCD Sealed Maintenance-Free

Exide Orbital 34XCD Sealed Maintenance-Free (AGM) Deep-Cycle Automotive BatteryThis is a deep cycle automotive battery with 100 minutes of constant reserve capacity for a car with lots of accessories. Older cars benefit greatly from high performance batteries such as this one that has 4 stars and has two set of terminals one pair on top and one on the side to give flexibility in accessing it in a variety of vehicles, more features here

It is also non spill-able like the others, and can be mounted in an upright or side way position. It is also tightly sealed and produces no gaseous substances. This battery is also in demand by low riders and for those who put cars before anything or anyone. If cars are your first love, then this is the battery for you and only costs around $150.

Pyle PBAT 1000 1000 AMP 16V Battery Capacitor

Pyle PBAT1000 1000 AMP 16V Battery Capacitor (Car Battery with Built-in Capacitor)This is a battery with a built in capacitor. It has a great stylish look having a case that consists of black chrome, along with a flashing blue L.E.D. display to show how much power is available, so you know where you stand.

It can also be mounted in any type of position because, it has a ultra low equivalent series resistance. This battery has a sealed, non spill-able design as well. It has a stronger energy density to it and a higher voltage under load, 16 volts and more features.

This is designed for extra accessories, and/or a more powerful audio sound system than normal in a vehicle, and is a good car battery to buy for under $200.

Ready to shop?

If you are looking to replace an old battery with a powerful new car battery, please do your research, and consider the above options.

What is best for one person, may not be the best for another. Keep that in mind when purchasing anything, and always go with your first instinct. Your first instinct is always the best one. What is the best car battery to buy for yourself, and not for anyone else? See more car batteries on Amazon