What is the Best Drill Press?

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What is the best drill press when you need one in your garage or shop? The best drill presses can cost thousands of dollars but are designed for commercial use and would not even fit into your shed or workshop area.

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What we need is the best drill press that is affordable, will fit into your workshop at home, is relatively easy to use, and is reliable. If you want to skip to Amazon Drill Presses, click here.

Most drill presses sold for home use are designed specifically for wood working. You can use these drills for metals and other projects; however the target market for these bench top drill presses are those involved in building stuff with wood.

What is the Best Drill Press?, Seekyt

With that in mind drill press companies work hard to design features that make them great for wood workers. Here are some features to look for when buying a drill press for home use. There are recommendations for the drill presses foir the money after that.

Easily Adjustable

A drill press needs to be easily adjustable. At home use of drill presses often means that you will constantly be using it for different parts of a project. Some drill presses in commercial factories may perform the exact same function year after year, but you little drill press for home use may need to be adjusted multiple times during an afternoon of working on your woodwork project.

If you cannot easily adjust your drill press and get it done accurately then your projects will not get done and you could get extremely frustrated with you woodworking hobby.

Easily Interchangeable Bits

All drill presses allow you to change the bits and adjustments of the bits; however some drill presses make this operation go very smoothly and easily while other drill presses are extremely complicated to get your new drill bit adjusted properly.

Motor Size

What is the Best Drill Press?, Seekyt

The size of a motor is very important when you are wondering what is the best drill press for home use. A larger motor will allow you to drill through more things and to do it easier without “burning out” the motor. You can find drill presses with numerous horsepower ratings including .20 HP (1/5 HP), .25 HP (1/4 HP), and clear on up from there. You need to get a drill press that is at least 0.40 HP.

For most projects at home you will be more than able to do anything you need to as long as your drill press has at least ½ Horsepower motor on it. If you can get one with a larger motor that would be better; however the larger the motor is than the more expensive the drill press will be. There is rarely a need to buy a mega-huge HP drill press for home shops. The exception is if you primarily will be using your drill press to bore holes in thick and hard metals.

Strong Base

You will need to bolt the drill press to a firm platform. You may have one that is large enough to be bolted into the floor for stability and accuracy but more than likely you may end up with a more affordable bench top drill press that can be bolted onto a stable platform such as your worktable.

Occasionally very cheap drill presses will have a base that is technically capable of being bolted down; however the base is so flimsy that it will begin to crack after just mild use of your drill press, so look out for that in the conumer reports and reviews.

Wobble Free

If your bench press is wobbling then it will not be very accurate when drilling a hole. When you are working on a project where you need to drill a small hole very precisely you need not only a strong base for the drill press but to also have it be able to drill through ¼ steel or thicker wood without wobbling around from side to side.

What is the Best Drill Press?, Seekyt

What is the Best Drill Press under $200?

POWERTEC DP801 Baby Drill Press

This drill press is cheap, around $120 which is way less than two hundred bucks. It is portable, and can be mounted, benchtop, in any shop regardless of the size. If you need a reliable drill press that is accurate and will fit within the confined spaces of your shop then you should take a look at this drill press.

It does have a tiny bit of wobble when you are drilling tiny precise holes. The wobbling will not be a problem unless you are attempting to use this drill press to build the next Space Shuttle.

All drill presses that are inexpensive will have a tiny bit of wobble but if you mount the drill press to a firm surface and properly set-up the press then you can be worry-free for most projects you use this baby drill press for.

What is the Best Drill Press?, Seekyt

What is the Best Drill Press Under $500?

JET 354165 JDP-15M 3/4-HP Bench Drill Press

This is the best drill presses that is designed for smaller shops and is also affordable at less than five hundred dollars ($470) This drill press features a ¾ HP motor and works great in small home shops.

It is extremely heavy-duty and will last for many years of hard use. Initial set-up takes a little bit longer than other machines; however once you get everything set up properly changing the bits, speed, and elevation is extremely easy and accurate.

What is the Best Drill Press?, SeekytBuying Drill Presses Online

Buying drill presses online is often best way to get one. You may have to pay a small shipping fee, though some are FREE shipping, however this is easily off-set by the money that you save from not having to pay tax.

Drill presses online often have a much lower price tag than your local hardware store. Online retailers of drill presses have a lower mark-up because they sell so many. If you want the best price and the best selection of drill presses then look online including retailers such as Amazon.

What is the best drill press will depend on your particular needs; however the 2 drill presses listed above are both great choices. When you buy a drill press locally you can often only hear the opinion of the salesman, but when you buy a drill press online from Amazon or another reputable retailer than you can read numerous reviews written by real people who have actually used the drill press and are not looking to sugarcoat any aspect of their review.

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What is the Best Drill Press?, Seekyt
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