What is the best flat iron for natural hair?

Flat irons are being used by almost all the women who like to keep their style up to date. These are excellent hair straightening tools. There are different types of flat irons which are suitable for fine hair, natural hair, curly thick and African American hair.

So how do you choose the best flat iron for natural hair depends also upon your hair types. If you have fine natural hair then you need to go for a flat iron which do not have high heat producing. You need heat settings around 300-350 degree F for fine natural hair.

High heat settings would be more damaging to your natural hair whereas for curly hair you need to straighten them a relatively higher temperatures. Next you should take care about the width of flat iron plates. For fine and natural hair you can do with plates having width of about 1 inch or so.

You need to take care of the quality of flat iron too as there are different types of flat irons made up of total ceramic material and some having only coating of ceramic material. The irons having coated plates are like to be most damaging because they form heat spots and their material chips off with regular use. The pure ceramic and titanium plates is the best flat iron for you hair.

These days lot different types of technologies are being employed in these hair irons like far infrared, ionic etc so as to give you better experience of hair straightening at the same with less damaging effect.

These flat irons are known to have some damaging effects on your hair if these are used too frequently. There is one way to reduce the damage caused due to heat styling. One way is to use some heat protection products like heat sprays and serums. The heat protection products are known to have lessen the damaging effects of these flat irons.

So the best flat iron for natural hair would incorporate the above essential features. The brands like Paul Mitchell flat iron , Babyliss, HSi are know to have produced some great quality flat irons.