What is the best fuel injector cleaner?

Although answering the question as to what is the best fuel injector cleaner is subject to opinions of individuals, as there is no empiric data to totally support one product over another, some careful research does seem to reveal two or three products that are generally recommended time and again by those who use them regularly. These cleaners are known to help keep an engine running smoothly and to keep gas mileage a bit higher than a car with dirty injectors can hope to see. A few of the products considered the best fuel injector cleaner by users, mechanics, hobbyists and others would have to include:

Red Line Fuel System Cleaner

This product is touted by users and professionals in the industry as effective at raising fuel economy, keeping the system rust free, keeping the pollution control valve clean, reducing octane requirements and keeping the fuel injectors clean. Users have reported over a 10% increase in fuel economy when using this system. Most users report that they would happily recommend this product to others as it is effective and is in a reasonable price range. Loyal users of this product claim it is the best fuel injector cleaner.

Chevron Techron Fuel System Cleaner

Another product touted by loyal users, Techron is often considered the best fuel injector cleaner by its regular users. Techron is known for helping to restore fuel economy, power and even to improve over all drivability. It keeps the fuel gauge functioning properly and cleans all parts of the fuel injector system. This product is touted by users as capable of reducing pings and knocks that come from engines that are not functioning as well as they should be.

STP Fuel Injector Cleaner

This product is considered to be the old standby and users often will swear it is the best fuel injector cleaner around. Many users would never think of trying anything else. It is an American made, jet fuel based product that is capable of delivering concentrated detergents to the areas of the system that need cleaning the most. STP is touted as being able to restore fuel economy, to restore power and improve the vehicle’s capability to accelerate, to improve engine performance. It also is said to improve rough idles and to do away with tough starts.

These products are all designed to improve the overall performance of a vehicle. In each case, the buildup is cleaned off of the fuel injector and dissolved by the detergent in these gas line additives so that the car runs better and more efficiently. Increased miles per gallon, a smoother, quieter ride and a healthier overall fuel system make one’s vehicle performance top notch for a much longer period of time than can be realized without using a product of this type. The best fuel injector cleaner out there really is whichever one works the best in an individual vehicle due to differences in usage, driving styles, mileage and other factors.