What is the Best Garden Tiller?

If you are considering buying a rototiller for home use then you may be wondering, what is the best garden tiller? There are many options when it comes to buying a roto tiller, and you have to weigh up rear tine tiller vs front tine.

Below are the top choices in rear tine tillers. There other types of cutivators and tillers such as hand tillers, edge trimmer tiller attachments and electric tillers; however the only tiller that makes sense to buy is a gas-powered tiller that is actually capable of cultivating the soil.

Front Tine Tiller

Front tine tillers are specifically designed for loose packed soil. If you ever plan on expanding your garden area by cultivating part of the lawn into garden beds then you should always buy a rear tine tiller. A front tine tiller is not recommended because they always seem to be inadequate for most jobs they are put to test on.

A front tine rototiller can bounce around a lot more than a rear tine cultivator too, making them harder to handle especially in stony soil. Even if you are simply planning on lightly cultivating your current garden area you should still look for a rear tine tiller instead of a front tine tiller. A front tine tiller is never the answer for the what is the best garden tiller question.

Rear Tine Tiller

A rear tine tiller is more expensive than a front tine tiller but is definitely worth it. A rear tine tiller can do everything that a front tine tiller can and more. A tiller in this category can not only cultivate loose soil in the garden but can also easily shred into hard packed earth and turf to quickly convert it into prime soil just waiting for your garden to be planted.

Most rear tine tillers will allow you to switch out and replace tines. A tiller will often come with the basic tine which is great for general cultivation and is able to dig deep and turn the soil over. There are also specialty tines that can be used on extremely hard ground as well as tines that work for areas that are rocky or loaded with thick roots from trees. Also if tines get damaged during tilling and hitting a rock, they can be replaced individually. If you soil is composed of heavy clay then the only tiller that may work for you is a rear tine tiller.

Features to Look for On a Tiller

  • Rear Tine
  • Interchangeable Blades/Tines
  • Adjustable Tilling Depth
  • Tine Rotation Direction
  • Reliable engine like a Honda

Another thing to watch for when you are buying a rear tine tiller is the direction the tines rotate. You can get tillers that rotate forward, backwards, and multidirectional.

Front Rotating Tines

Front rotating tines are also called standard tines. These tiller tines spin forward. These tines work best when you are not going to be going deeper than 4-5 inches.

Counter Rotating Tines

Counter rotating tines go the opposite directing of the tires on the tiller. This allows the tines to dig in deeper and to more easily bust open extremely hard-packed earth.

Dual Rotating Tines

Dual Rotating Tines allow you to choose which directions to have the tines spin. This gives you maximum versatility with your tiller regardless of any conditions that you come across while operating the tiller.

Another huge benefit to getting dual rotating tines is that when the soil and clay stick to the tines you can simply reverse the direction of the tines to help get rid of the congestion within the tines from being packed with sticky, heavy soil.

Top Rear Tine Tillers to Buy

what is the best garden tillerBCS Rear Tine Tiller 340CC Honda Engine

This rear tine tiller is a true commercial tiller. If you hire a professional landscaping company to come and cultivate a garden for you, then there is a good chance they will be using this rototiller. This is the answer when someone asks what is the best garden tiller to buy.

This tiller is huge at 26 inch swath so if you need to cultivate and turn a lot of sod then this will get the job done quicker than smaller tillers. To get a bigger and more reliable rotovator than this, you would have to look at buying a tractor and a power tiller to pull behind it. The BCS Rear Tine Tiller is big and powerful, see more specs and reviews here.

Although this tiller is very large, it is easy to manipulate around once you get used to the controls. The large wheels on the back are self propelled and will easily move the tiller without you having to push or pull on it. When you are ready to break ground you deactivate the wheels from moving with a switch and then this allows the tines to rip into the ground and dig deep as the soil is cultivated.

The downside of this tiller is that it can be hard to handle if you’re a smaller person. You will also have difficulty using this tiller in tight areas such as near the foundation of your home when you are cultivating the soil for a new rose garden. On the other hand if you need a heavy-duty work horse that is capable of cultivating a ½ acre or more in a single pass then this would be a great roto tiller for you.

what is the best garden tiller, honda roto tiller?Husqvarna DRT900H

This tiller is much less expensive than the BCS rear tine tiller above at around $800. This tiller is not as big or as powerful; however it is more than capable of ripping soil. This is the top choice of most homeowners who are looking to buy a roto tiller. Unlike the BCS tiller this one can easily be operated with one hand.

A lot of cheaper rototillers will get stuck in the soil when you engage the drive wheels. This tiller is great at not bogging down and getting stuck. This means you will not only get your tilling done quicker but you also will not be physically exhausted when you are done. Check out the customer rating and reviews.

Choosing the best garden tiller for the money

When buying a garden tiller it makes sense to pay more money to get better yard equipment because if you buy a cheap front tine tiller that does not perform the way you expected, than you will find that you never use it.

On the other hand if you buy a quality tiller that is truly capable of cultivating the soil regardless of how hard or rocky, you will not only use it more often, but that you also enjoy using it. What is the best garden tiller for you is the roto tiller that performs its job properly and makes it fun to use.

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