What is the Best GPS to Buy for a Car?

When it comes to finding your way around while on the road you use to depend completely on your sense of directions and large maps. Although these maps did prove helpful it didn’t give you direct turn by turn instructions. This still left you up for becoming lost and completely out of the way. This is why using vehicle gps devices, or global position system hardware in your vehicle is such a great option.

With this equipment you’re able to track your every movements, locate the exact travel routs, find ways around construction and do just about anything else. Although most smart phones come with a built in GPS direction system you’ll usually find the car based GPS hardware is actually better. This is why you need to know what is the best GPS to buy for a car.

If you plan on driving a good deal of the time and you just don’t want to deal with flipping through a map every few hours these GPS tracking devices are going to prove incredibly helpful, allowing you to always know your way, without any sort of problem.

Garmin Nuvi 50 LM

This five inch screen gives you more than enough room to see everything going on. This is a major draw back when using the software on a mobile phone. The screen size is so small you spend more time squinting and trying to see what on earth is listed on the phone, rather than actually looking up and following what you’re driving. This Garmin device comes with a memory card slot for additional Garmin nüvi 50 5-inch Portable GPS Navigator(US)information, more features found here.

There are times where you want to upload new maps to the device,. This is done through the card slot. If you need new maps for the United States or if you’re traveling through Europe and you want maps for European travel, this is all possible with the aid of the Garmin maps. Best of all, as with the United States, you receive free lifetime maps so you never have to go out and purchase more, which is a considerable savings to you. Click here for more features.

With over six million points of interest located inside the maps you never have to wonder where the nearest restaurant is or how cheap the gas is. This portable GPS device shows you how fast you’re traveling, what the current speed limit is (if you’re speeding) and how far you must travel. This makes the usage of the equipment even more beneficial and puts it on the list for what is the best GPS to buy for a car. The Garmin nuvi 50 LM comes at a base price around $140, which is a solid price for such an incredible device.

Garmin Nuvi 40

If you’re looking for GPS systems similar to the previous one but don’t want to spend this much money, you do have a different option available to you. This option comes as the Garmin Nuvi 40 4.3 inch GPS device. The 4.3 inch screen is slightly smaller than the previous option but it is still large enough to see. The equipment runs off of the same operating system and has the same maps listed, so you don’t lose out on that much.

Garmin nüvi 40 4.3-inch Portable GPS Navigator(US Only)You do have to pay for updated maps, so while the general updates don’t cost all that much the maps for foreign countries do. If you’re not looking to travel (or at least drive) in a foreign country you probably aren’t going to really need this feature. The reduced price of just under $90 is why this is in contention for what is the best GPS to buy for a car. Like the other feature you do have the speed limit indicator, which is nice to have, so you can compare it to what the actual speed limit is, right on the device. Read more about this on Amazon.

There are times where you’re driving around and you don’t know what the actual speed limit is. The Garmin device tells you this information right away, so you always know how much faster (or slower) you’re going from the speed limit. There is again over six million points of Interest, so you shouldn’t have much trouble locating the perfect restaurant during your trip. Find other reviews here.

So as a smaller brother to the Garmin 50 LM, this version should be more than enough, as long as you don’t mind upgrading the maps on occasion or looking at a smaller screen. All of these features should be considered when you looking for the best GPS to buy for a car.