What is the Best Indoor Turkey Deep Fryer? Reviews

When choosing a turkey fryer one of the most important features to look for are temperature control. When you do not have a control the oil may get too hot. Once oil is hot it takes a long time to reduce the temperature for cooking. A manual control helps with this problem in countertop fryers.

When oil is overheated it can be dangerous. Look for a large pot because most average turkeys run between 15 to 30 pounds. Often you will not need as much oil as you think and some pots do not use oil. An indoor turkey fryer usually cooks a turkey between 14 to 16 pounds or less.

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A good pot will be made of aluminum or stainless steel. There are gas models that use a small propane tank that heat up the oil. An electronic deep fryer is easy to use as they plug into the wall. Handles and lid that stay cool when cooking keep you from getting burned. Often an indicator light will tell you when the oil has reached the right temperature. A good turkey fryer will cost $75 to $150 depending on the brand and design.

Best Compact Stainless Indoor Turkey Fryer

Masterbuilt 20010109 Butterball Professional Series Indoor Electric Turkey FryerThe Masterbuilt 20010109 Butterball Indoor Series Electric Turkey Fryer has a stainless steel exterior. The pot inside is porcelain and this unit heat oil for cooking in less than 30 minutes. It uses less oil than regular fryers.

The stainless steel exterior looks good in most kitchens. You can cook a 14 pound turkey in less than one hour. The drain clip let’s you hang the basket on the side while the turkey drains. That way when you move the turkey to a serving platter you don’t have too much oil, see reviews here.

This countertop fryer has a control panel that sets the cooking temperature and the light turns green when oil is hot. It has a safety mechanism that shuts off the unit if the oil gets too high. It keeps temperatures steady for efficient cooking. The filter that reduces odors and drain valve makes the unit easy to clean. This model only handles a bird up to 14 pounds, see more features here.

Best Oilless Turkey Fryer under $100

Char-Broil 10101480/08101480 The Big Easy Oil-Less Infrared Turkey FryerChar-Broil 10101480/08101480 Oil Less Infrared Turkey Fryer has special technology. It cooks turkeys up to 16 pounds without oil. It has a cooking basket, thermometer, and a detailed cooking guide. Cooking is done in a double walled cooking cylinder that uses propane gas, see more features here.

The heat from the unit cooks the meat moist and tender. You can uses rubs and flavors on the meat while cooking. You do not have to worry about oil overheating so this unit is safer than some turkey fryers. It is safe and can be used inside without having to worry about oil overheating and starting a fire. It retails for under $100 on Amazon

Best Indoor Electric Turkey Fryer for the Money

Cajun Injector Electric Turkey FryerThe Cajun Electric Fryer cooks a 12 to 14 pound turkey with ease. It has a basket with quick draining system. It has safety shutoff and a built in timer with digital display that turns off. Once it is fried you can drain the turkey using the hook. A drain empties the oil quickly, see other features here.

The clear lid makes it easy to check the turkey or food quickly. It takes the oil about 1/2 hour to heat and cooks turkey quickly. It costs just under $120 and you should read instructions carefully to learn to use this unit properly.

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