News What Is The Best Mattress For Herniated Disc?

What Is The Best Mattress For Herniated Disc?


If you suffer from herniated disc, you surely want to know what is the best mattress for herniated disc. The bad news is that everyone is different and a mattress that’s great for a large group of people might not be the best for you. Good news is that there is a fair chance that the mattress that helps a large group of people will be of huge help for you as well. The thing you need to do is to find a mattress, test it and buy it. I can help you with finding a good mattress for your back pain, but you’re the one that needs to test the mattress (or many mattresses) and buy it, provided you’ll find one that relieves your back pain while sleeping and in the morning.

Finding the mattress for you back pain

Here I’ll present you few important information that you need in order to find a mattress that will alleviate your pain caused by herniated disc. Firstly, the mattress cannot be soft. Soft mattresses don’t provide enough support for your spine, and that support is very important. Secondly, a very firm mattress probably won’t be of a help either, because you won’t be able to sleep on it. Take note, however, that some people who suffer from back pain find very firm mattress the best for their ailments. If the recommended type of mattress won’t help you, you might choose a firm one and check out whether it’s of any help.

Mattresses of medium firmness are lately recommended for back pain sufferers. That’s why I suggest you should start your search for a mattress by testing some mattresses of medium firmness and decide whether they’re what you’re looking for. It’s a well known fact that memory foam mattress provide good support for your back. They’re firm, but not very firm. The beauty of these mattresses is in their ability to adapt to the sleeping position of yours. That provides even support for your spine that helps you get a good night’s sleep.

What to do if you’ve never used a memory foam mattress?

That’s not a problem, really. You just need to go to a local store where you can try out different mattresses. Ask for a memory foam one of medium firmness and test whether it works good for you, or not. Here’s a few pieces of advice that will serve you well while testing mattresses. Don’t bounce up and down and don’t punch the mattress. Some people do those things while testing mattresses, but how does that help them? Instead, do something that you’ll do with the mattress every single day – lie on it in your sleeping position. A 20-30 minute period should be sufficient. If your back starts to hurt, change the mattress. If mattresses of medium firmness don’t make you feel comfortable, maybe you should try firmer ones as I’ve suggested earlier.

Chances are you’ll find memory foam mattresses very comfortable. Most people are very fond of them and recommend them to their friends, but as I’ve mentioned earlier – it’s better to test them yourself before buying one. If you’re convinced that a memory foam mattress will help you with your back pain caused by herniated disc, it’s time to buy the mattress. You can buy one either at your local store or online. I suggest you should compare the prices before buying, many times you’ll be able to buy the mattress online for a better price. If you’d like to buy a great memory foam mattress right now, I suggest you should check out Sleep Innovations Sure Temp Memory Foam Mattresses.

Sleep Innovations 12-inch Sure Temp Memory Foam Mattress

What Is The Best Mattress For Herniated Disc?Memory foam mattresses from Sleep Innovations are among the top rated mattresses available on the market. They’re great in terms of quality and very affordable. Those are also the reasons behind their popularity. If you’re looking for the best mattress for your back pain, a Sleep Innovation mattress is one of the best choices possible, provided you find mattresses of medium firmness comfortable.

What you should know is that those mattresses come in pretty small boxes and need some time to expand. After opening the package you might notice a chemical smell, but it quickly fades away and disappears after a few days. Those mattresses are available in 12-inch, 10-inch and 8-inch versions in few sizes. If you’re unsure of whether this mattress if for you, check out customer reviews, surely you’ll find someone who is in a position similar to yours. If you’d like to read reviews from people suffering from herniated disc, check out this one or this one.

What Is The Best Mattress For Herniated Disc?
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