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What Is The Best Mousse For Volume To Add Fullness To Hair?


With so many hair products on the market today that claim to be the best, how do you pick the one that is right for you? Products range from hairsprays, creams and gels, to oil treatments, putty and mousse. Are you looking for something to give your hair some extra volume and help keep your style looking nice all day? Then mousse may be the product for you. But what is the best mousse for volume?

What Is Mousse?

Simple put, hair mousse is a product that creates volume and shine to your hair while adding conditioning at the same time. Unlike hair gels that are fat based and are used to create a style that is a harder hold, hair mousse is lightweight and foamy, and is considered the best mousse for volume.

Adjusting The Volume

Because people have different hair types and different needs, the best mousse for volume may differ from person to person. Mousse works great with all hair types, defining the curls for those with curly hair and for straight hair it gives that extra boost of body. Mousse also is very effective in reducing frizz while keeping the hair in place without the hardness of gels, or the stickiness of hairspray.

Comparing Mousse For Volume

While most hair mousse contain the same ingredients (some differ slightly), reviews have suggested the best mousse for volume for fine hair is Ice Hair Amplifier Volumizing Mousse by Joico, and Pantene Pro-V Fine Hair Style Triple Action Volume Mousse worked great in keeping style set longer, even into the next day without the stickiness and hardness that some mousse products have. Hair wasn’t hard and crusty but soft and manageable instead. For medium to thick hair the best mousse for volume is TIGI Catwalk Extra Strong Mousse, Medium/Thick Hair, and was preferred as the favorite. Reviews for TIGI Catwalk also included those who have thin hair. Hair didn’t feel weighted down or greasy. Volumizing mousses are products that are used to lift hair. They remove heavy oils from the hair and tend to contain more alcohol than other mousses.

What Is The Best Mousse For Volume To Add Fullness To Hair?

What Is The Best Mousse For Volume To Add Fullness To Hair?

What Is The Best Mousse For Volume To Add Fullness To Hair?

Give Your Hair A Little Lift

To add volume to your hair using mousse, wash and towel dry your hair as usual. Flip your hair upside down and apply mouse at the roots. Read directions for the desired amount depending on your hair length. For curly hair the best mousse for volume are the ones that do not contain alcohol. The best mousse for volume if you have straight hair are the mousses that do indicate, “volume” on the product. To reach the desired volume with curly hair, flip your head upside down and scrunch your hair to create your curls. Blow dry your hair on low while still having your head upside down. For straight hair, with your head upside down, run your fingers through your hair and give it a little shake from the scalp. If you don’t want to blow dry just flip your hair upside down from time to time to let the air dry it.

Priced Just Right

While we all want a product that will create the results we’re looking for, we also want it to be affordable to fit our budgets. Below are recommendations for the best mousse for volume:

  • Ice Hair Amplifier Volumizing Mousse by Joico (8.8 oz) priced at $8.94

  • Pantene Pro-V Fine Hair Style Triple Action Volume Mousse (6.6 oz) priced at $3.99, or (6.6 oz) 3 pack priced at $11.76

  • TIGI Catwalk Extra Strong Mousse, Medium/Thick Hair (6.5 oz) $9.45 compared to at $22.39

What Is The Best Mousse For Volume To Add Fullness To Hair?
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