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What is the Best Single Stage Snow Blower to Buy?


Winter is just around the corner, and while some people focus on Christmas, New Year’s, and hockey, most people, are concerned about the four months of shoveling their driveways early in the morning just to get to work on a daily basis. These are the people asking what is the best single stage snow blower?

Rather than spending uncounted hours every week and wrenching your back and shoulders so hard you think they’ll pop, why not look around for the best single stage snow blower available?

The drive that took you two hours to shovel? With the right snow blower you could sleep an extra hour and still have plenty of time left to get to work. Your body will thank you.

What is the Best Single Stage Snow Blower to Buy?

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How do you begin to shop for the best single stage snow blower?

What features are important? Do you want an electric start or a gas start? How important is a brand name? If you’re like most of your neighbors, you’ve either never shopped for one, or you have had one for awhile and aren’t sure what the snow blower market looks like today.

Let us help you by sharing some of the best single stage snow blowers around and where to find them.

What is the Best Single Stage Snow Blower to Buy?Poulan Pro PR621

The Poulan Pro PR621 is an ideal single stage snow blower costing just under $400, that will be more than adequate for your personal needs. The 21′ wide blower is one of the largest single stage blowers on the market to offer the most efficient use of your time and energy.

Its gas powered engine offers you the reliability you would expect from any tool that needs to work when you need it. In fact, its 208cc engine is so powerful, you may have to pay attention to where you are throwing the snow, slush, and ice so that it doesn’t end up in your neighbor’s yard, see more features here.

What is the Best Single Stage Snow Blower to Buy?Murray 1695885 800 Snow Series 22-Inch

This Murray machine offers an advantage that many single stage snow blowers do not: an electric start, and just what you’d expect for just under $500. The 205cc gas engine is very reliable, but on those frigid mornings when priming isn’t working, you have the option of plugging in the electric start attachment to get yourself going.

The polymer auger in the machine does a terrific job of clearing your drive or walkway right down to the concrete. In fact, it is designed to pick up and throw the ice and slush so you don’t have to get a broom or shovel to clear what the blower left behind. While this is a little more of an investment than other single stage snow blowers, it is worth every penny, see what reviewers say here.

What is the Best Single Stage Snow Blower to Buy?

While all single stage blowers offer the user the opportunity to choose the direction they wish the snow to blow, the Toro also comes equipped with an additional handle to determine the angle and distance the homeowner’s snow will fly, see more features here.

Other advantages of the Toro Power Clear that arguably make it the top snow clearingmachine to own include its gasoline only engine. Many pieces of equipment require a 1:1 gasoline to oil ratio in order to function at maximum efficiency, not so with the Power Clear 621. The Toro model also is easily disassembled during the summer months so that your garage is not dominated by your blower, order or read more here.

What is the Best Single Stage Snow Blower to Buy?Ready to save your back this winter?

When seeking the best single stage blower for your home this winter, there will be several things on your mind. Regardless of the model you choose, it is a sizable investment that you hope to keep around your home for a number of years. For that reason we have only offered models that have an overall 4-star+ review from product owners.

Those that have purchased these blowers are happy with their investment and know they have received a blower that will not just get them through the winter, but through the many years to come. It is our sincere hope that we helped you do the same.

If you want to check out more top-rated snowblowers on Amazon click here.

What is the Best Single Stage Snow Blower to Buy?
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