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What is the Best TV under $500?

Here a nice shortlist of the best TVs under $500 in 2012. It can be difficult at times to choose a TV set when there are a lot of brands offering almost similar products.

Nevertheless, for those will have up to $500 to spend, knowing what to buy will help you get value for money. If you want a big screen, you need to push for a minimum of 50 inches in width.

The number of HDMI ports you get is usually enough for home users. If you don’t have a receiver that is connected to external speakers for surround sound, 2 HDMI ports will be sufficient.

You also need to bear in mind that a VGA port is good to have because it will turn your TV into a of computer monitor. This can be a little overwhelming when you have to work with a huge 50 inches LCD screen. Having a USB port integrated to your TV makes for a better user experience as most modern devices come with USB ports. Check out the top TVs under 500 bucks this year.

Sony – KDL-40BX420

For those who are familiar with the Sony brand, this device will naturally appeal to you. It is a 40 inches full high-definition 1080p TV set. One of the most appealing things about this TV is how thin it is at only 3.7 inches deep.

It is designed to offer peace of mind as you get the CEC feature that will enable you to use a single remote control to manage multiple devices. You also get the usual VGA port, HDMI ports and 176° viewing angle which can only enhance image quality. This set is not only designed to be used to watch TV, it can also be used to connect your gaming consoles like the PlayStation, DVD player, and your personal computer. It can be purchased for $470 at some retailers. Others like Amazon and Best Buy will charge you a little over $500. To buy on Amazon or check out more features click here.


A lot of those who purchased Vizio have been very happy with their device. One of the main reasons for this is because you get great quality at affordable price. This 42 inches LCD TV comes with full high-definition 1080p. It is also only 10 inches deep which is a bonus for those who want a really flat screen. That is of course not the only feature you need to worry about when making your choice, you also get four HDMI ports which is rather generous for the price you pay.

It comes with VGA connector, USB port and 178° viewing angle for better user viewing experience. This TV set will give you great satisfaction because it is versatile and it can be connected to your computer gaming console like the PlayStation or the Xbox. You can also get true surround sound if you can connect it to your receiver. Some retailers sell this product for $400 whilst others charge a little over $500. If you want the best deals you can go to Secondipity or check out some eBay retailers offering discounts. To see more specs on Amazon, click here.

Sceptre – X460BV-FHD

If you want a classic design, you will get it with this LCD TV that offers full high-definition. It comes with a generous 4 HDMI ports, a VGA input connector, a USB port and 178° viewing angle. This is a complete 46 inches television that will turn your living room into the most important place in the house.

It comes with the 3D digital comb filter which of course means nothing to you but with enhanced the quality of the image you get from your TV. Like most LCD Televisions sets within this price range, if you want to get Dolby surround sound, you will need to connect your device to a receiver and surround speakers. If your living room isn’t that big, the integrated speakers will be sufficient.

These flatscreens are among the best televisions under $500 available in 2012. On Amazon, you can check out more top rated affordable TVs for the five hundred dollar spending limit.

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