What is the Best Water Filter Solution?

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For the last twenty years, human kind has made a lot of mistakes. Pursuing and exploiting nature’s resources had brought us in position in which our planet is so polluted and dirty, that in several short years, oil, gold and diamonds will be just negligible resources. None of those we can’t drink. Water will become the most important thing in near future. For us to keep existing, supplying clean, drinking water will be absolute imperative.

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What is the Best Water Filter Solution?, Seekyt

What Can We Find in Tap Water?

Today’s average tap water is full of heavy metals, pesticides, microorganisms, and plethora of different chemicals that can jeopardize our health. Luckily, some of the solutions are applying even today, such as bottled water, which by the way, is too expensive and not eco-friendly, and even can be polluted by chemicals of which bottles had been made. So, the only reasonable thing to do is to turn to filtering of water, as the most economical solution that can give excellent results, especially in a long way.

Starting with the most controversial chemical that had been injected in water supplies throughout the world, fluoride can cause severe damage, if intake level gets over allowed. Most important, it can affect our IQ, cause dementia, lower thyroid function, muscle disorders, hyperactivity, etc. Besides fluoride, ordinary tap water can contain bacteria, and a whole spectrum of microorganisms, which can “slip” through filter system in water supply station. It is well known that typhus is spreading via water supplies, if they are not submitted to an anti-bacterial treatment.

Heavy metals, such as lead, arsenic, mercury, zinc, can also be found in traces, and must be checked on a regular basis, in order not to get over allowed level, thus inflicting devastating damage. It is also important to notice that for the last twenty years, endocrine connected conditions have been multiplied several times, and the cause can be found in tap water, if it contains chemicals that can affect hormones.

What Can We Do?

One of the first measures is to boil water, or, to distill it. It is fast and available way, but the drawbacks are numerous, for it can remove some of the microorganisms, this method can’t remove some heavy metals and particles tinier than water. We can drink bottled water, although in numerous cases, it is ordinary tap water, and very often the package is not of the most quality kind. Chemicals used in process of making a plastic bottle can easily dissolve in water, polluting it in that way.

Also, the price is not neglectable, especially in the long run, because the amount of money we spent yearly is enormous. Filtering is one of the most common and one of the best things we can do to prevent poisoning from bad water. There are different water filters available on the market, so you can choose whichever you desire and can afford. Types of filters can vary from those which use coal, those with membrane, which are often combined with coal, up to a solid block carbon filters. These are of the best kind, although their drawback is enormous space required.

But one thing is of paramount importance here – that you appreciate your health, and health of your family, and do whatever is necessary to preserve it. Because, by keeping your family healthy, in the long term, the planet will be healthier too.

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What is the Best Water Filter Solution?, Seekyt
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