What is the easiest language to learn?

Many people today have the desire of speaking a number of different languages which arises the question ‘what is the easiest language to learn?’ To answer this question, there are a number of factors that need to be considered. Factors such as the environment, the person trying to learn the language may determine how easy or hard it is to learn a language. One of the major factors is the learners’ native language. This always affects how one learns other languages. Other factors are:

  • How often a learner is going to speak that language. If the language to be learnt will be spoken on a daily basis, then the learner will have an easier experience learning the same. If not, it will be probably harder because there won’t be regular practicing which may lead to people forgetting the language.

  • The exposure a learner gets to a certain language will determine the rate of understanding that language. If a learner is learning from native speakers, it will be easier to learn than being taught by people who learnt the same from classes. For one to effectively learn a language, it is important to have a practical experience with that language rather than learning for the sake of learning. Learning from native speakers is advantageous because one knows word pronunciations.
  • The type of learning may also affect the speed of one learning a language. There are people who learn best through visual materials and some audio materials. It will be completely senseless for a learner to get sets of language tapes when they are visual learners. It won’t make sense either if a learner plays visual tapes when they are practical learners. Choosing the correct learning system will maintain a positive learning experience as well as retention of the language learnt.
  • The right approach or attitude toward a language. With the right approach and a positive attitude, it won’t be difficult for one to understand a language. If learners think that learning a language is easy, definitely it will be easy for them.

The easiest language to learn is the one the learner finds it comfortable to learn. It might be Spanish, French, English, German, Swahili, Japanese, or Russian. The environment frequently determines the ease or difficulty of learning a language based on the learners needs and the people who surround such learners.

A huge majority of language learners with English as there native languages tend to choose Spanish as the easiest language to learn. Spanish is considered to be widely spoken and is a standard language. Once the learner understands the rule of pronunciation, they can easily read Spanish words and pronounce it in the correct way. Spanish language has almost the same alphabets with English language.

There is a vast Resource for learning Spanish. Today’s market is flooded with books, movies for learning Spanish. The internet has a lot of educational resources for learning Spanish. Spanish is also one of the commonly spoken languages in the world today so it could be in the categorized as the easiest language to learn.