What Is There To See And Do In The Arctic?

Meet Santa Claus

Everyone knows that the real Santa Claus lives in Lapland, which is an area located across the north of Finland, Norway, Russia and Sweden.

There are many holiday packages now which will offer you the chance to fly to Lapland and take a trip up into the hills to meet the real Santa Claus, red suit, reindeers and all, at his log cabin home. It’s a trip the kids won’t forget soon.

See The Northern Lights

One of the most stunning and incredible sights you will ever see, is the Northern Lights. These are vast natural light shows in the sky of all different colours, which are caused by solar flares from the sun bouncing off the earth’s magnetic field. It feels amazing to see the colours dancing in the sky.

Luckily a northern lights holiday ) is something that you can easily organise using a travel company which specialises in trips to the Arctic. These typically include flights and accommodation along with activities from riding with reindeer, walking the moonlit woods or even the childlike feeling of visiting Santa.

Husky Safari

If you like dogs and snow, then the husky is your perfect dog and if you want to spend time with them then there is no better way to do it than a husky safari. You will meet your team of dogs when you arrive and set off across the vast snowy fields of the Arctic. You can stay in log cabins set up for comfort in the surrounding woods or even stay in tents or snow holes if you prefer! You will be able to see all the local wildlife including reindeer.

Ride With Reindeer

Another adventure awaiting you in the Arctic is to sledge around with reindeer. They are native to the Arctic so have no trouble living and working in the chilly snowy conditions. Much like a husky safari you can get yourself a guide and a reindeer team and tour around the Arctic and even combine it with northern lights travel.