What Kind of Bladerunner Are You?

imageThe modern man’s shaving kit gets an overhaul

Suppose your significant other takes an unexpected peek inside your toiletry bag, will they swoon at your savoir-faire…or bag the relationship? A man’s shaving routine can reveal more about him than a peek inside his Filofax.

If Aqua Velva and Barbosol are the first brand names you see in the morning, you’re overdue for an induction into the new age of shaving. You don’t have to spend a fortune or a lot of time to update your shaving kit. With a few basics, you’ll feel-and maybe even look-like a new man.

Think of shaving as skin care, and think of your face as your favorite suit. Would you consider tossing your Armani into the washing machine instead of walking one block further to the dry cleaner? So, go the extra mile and chuck the cheap supermarket foam; it doesn’t work as well, and strips the skin of vital moisture. Spend just a little more on a good quality shaving cream, and you’ll see the difference quality ingredients make. Your skin will look and feel much softer. (Not to mention how your significant snuggler will feel when you have face time together.)

Second, ditch that disposable. A good shave is all about the blade. Would you go to a hairdresser who chopped away at your hair with a pair of gardening shears? (Exactly!) Disposables are dinosaurs with rigid blades that chomp and stomp all over your face. Take the time to get a decent blade; one that swivels and glides flexibly over the natural curves and contours of your chiseled jaw (er… exactly).

Why not get a tool that looks really cool? Look for an unusual handle or a funky color. Either plastic or metal is fine-just don’t compromise on the quality of the blade. Choose a non-slip handle with a comfortable grip.

Add an alum block, an essential but much-neglected item, to your kit. The stone cleanses and disinfects after a shave and if you’ve carelessly nicked yourself, it’ll clear up telltale signs of a shaky hand.

Finally, what if you’re still using an aftershave splash? Please, give it back to Grandpa immediately! Splashes contain 92 percent alcohol, a concentrate strong enough to cure meats. The modern man uses an aftershave balm, which soothes, hydrates and protects the skin.

Now you can leave behind those oh-so-20th-century bad habits and step into the next century with confidence.

Next time, the ultimate tool for the shaving-savvy man …