What Local Search Engine Optimization Can Do

Your probably wondering well I have been hearing a lot about search engine optimization and you want to know what it can do for you as a business. Well its simple you just have to know the keywords you want to go after and have a plan for and once you do have a plan work that plan you have on a regular basis and you will see your local traffic to your website go up.

Local search starts with local keywords so lets say you live in Chicago and you own a hat store you will want to research the keywords for Chicago hat store and see what is being searched the most and go after that keyword.

Now you don’t want to bite of to much that you can’t chew, you may want to just do 3 keywords at a time, that will also include long tail keywords that go along with your hat store. An example of a long tail keyword is: white sox hats in Chicago is a good long tail keyword for a hat shop and if you target that keyword phrase with local search engine optimization you will probably start seeing results soon.

You don’t want to spend to much time over analyzing what you want to with local search engine optimization you will just want to put out the content slow don’t put out 4 or 5 articles on the same topic with in a half hour spread them out and also watch your keyword density keep that at 3-5% you want your keyword only in the article twice.

If you make a schedule for local search engine optimization you will be able to work much faster and what this really can do for you is put you above the rest of your local competetion and that is what you want want it comes to marketing online because most customers that search for products and services online look at the first three results on the Serps. So you will want to soak up all the local keywords you can and try and maintain all of them and you will grow. It all starts with your local keywords and if you can get them before your competetiors the better you will be.