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What Make Flip Flop Sandals So Popular

Flip flop sandals are big news as a fashion statement this summer, and can be found for men, women, teens and kids in every size. But, the question is” What Make These Sandals So Special? ‘It’s because they are very comfortable, fashionable and of course affordable. You can change the feel of your outfit for under $5. In addition, flip flops a great way to show your fashion sense and individuality.

People believe that the popularity of flip-flops is because of the never-ending possibilities for wear. Moreover, their popularity and versatility exist throughout the year, put simply these flat sandals are a fashion statement, and come in various attractive styles.

Other reasons behind the popularity of online flip flops shopping india is that every celebrity has an at least one pair of flip flops at home, and many of them are wearing them out in public. Aside from bandage dresses, Bollywood celebs are in very much love with flip flops. You can attribute Kareena Kapoor Khan to have started this style / trend as she was first seen in it. Many celebrities who influenced by Kareena, include Karishma Kapoor, Ajay Devgan and Husban Saif Ali Khan.

Apart from Bollywood stars, Hollywood celebrities like Cameron Diaz, Britney Spears, Gwyneth Paltrow, Alexa Chung, Kim Kardashian and Jessica love to wear flip flops both at home and in public.

Flip flop sandals can help us meet our daily needs, whether we’re walking in the garden, running errands or turning them into a style accessory. Therefore, you can’t blame these ladies for displaying off their flops in public, and you should also do it. Flip Flops provide a balance between style and comfort that’s perfect for summer. For example:

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Guidelines For Wearing flip Flops:

Actually, there are some basic guidelines for wearing even the most casual of flip flops.

• Don’t wear cheap rubber flip flops to a party or meeting. Keep the inexpensive for the beach and backyard.

• Wear flip flops with your summer trousers or shorts.

• Get a pedicure as it is a must for summer. Never wear any open-toed sandals until your feet are smartly groomed.

• A little heel with your flip flops will provide your leg an attractive look as well as give your dress a dressier silhouette.

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