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What Makes a Good Wine

Who doesn’t enjoy a good glass of wine after stressful day? Iif you drink it in moderate amounts, experts say that wine can have a good impact on your health. For example, it can reduce the risk of a heart attack, type 2 diabetes and lowers the risk of stroke. But why do some wines taste good while others are a waste of money? There are several reasons for this and the following paragraphs will help you understand them and how to distinguish good from bad wine.

The matter of terroir

First, what is a terroir? It is a French word used to refer to the characteristics and influence of the place where the grapes are grown. It is important to choose a perfect place for the vineyard. Sites with hills which have a great exposure to the sun are the key. Microclimate, soil properties, microflora, stones, bedrock are all a part of this factor. If you have the perfect terroir you will have great grapes which are made into great wine. But what use are the perfect conditions if you make bad decisions? It is important not to make bad decisions about picking the grapes. Experts in wine making say that nature mustn’t be manipulated, it should be left to do its own job. What they also say is that the grapes should be observed and tasted every third day. So, letting the wine express its terroir is what makes it great and full of personality of that particular terroir.


Here you must rely on your sense of taste. Whether you like a nice glass of sweet white wine or a dry red one, when tasting wine you should be able to sense more than just one kind of taste. If you have a wine that smells like cherry for example, and tastes the same, then it might not be the best one out there. If, however, you can explain the taste of wine as having a cherry, earth, tobacco and nuts taste than we’re talking about much better quality wine. The more layers of flavor there are, the more complex the wine and therefore, the better quality.



A good wine should evoke your senses making you want to drink it again. There are many factors that influence the points given on the 100-point scale. One of the factors that make wine like that is intensity. You can sense the level of intensity even before taking a first sip. Hold the glass at a chest level and if you can smell intense aromas there could be a great wine waiting for you in that glass. The next stage it should pass is your palate. A good wine leaves a dynamic taste rich in flavor. This makes it easier to distinguish it from the other wines giving it a recognizable taste that a wine-lover will come back to.


Finally, what’s also important is the taste that’s left in your mouth after you have swallowed the wine. The longer it stays the better the wine. This indicator is measured in seconds so if after 15 seconds or even more you can still taste it, that’s a pretty good sign you’ve stumbled upon a great quality bottle.

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