What Makes Lisbon One of the Most Sought After Destinations Worldwide

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Monuments, heritage towers, square and colourful streets make Lisbon one of the most sough after destinations for travellers worldwide. Yet that isn’t all. Best attraction for the travellers is the city itself with its beautiful sights developing a sense of nostalgia.

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Capital and biggest city of Portugal, Lisbon is known as an alpha global town. Wealthiest province in Portugal, the Lisbon city stands well exceeding GDP standard of the European Union. Lisbon is also the political hub of the country. As a preferred place for travellers, Lisbon provides a horde of sights to witness.

Great monuments in Lisbon:

Replicating the excellence & splendour of world legacy sights such as the Big Ben or Eifel Tower, the Belem Tower in Lisbon steals the attention of tourists. Most pictorial among the landmarks in the town, alongside the grand Jeronimos Monastery forms the top 2 testaments, a must visit during Lisbon Sightseeing.

Lisbon City – the biggest attraction itself:

A city that’s not the one smartened up for travellers, genuineness of sights make the Lisbon city a travellers’ paradise. Exclusive street life, pavement cafes, hilltop miradouro and the old quarters are the fascinating blend of classical and modern that makes the city journeying a pleasing experience.

Unique architectural style of Lisbon:

Whether it’s Lisbon or Stockholm tourism, architecture constitutes a crucial part of it. Two exclusive architectural styles discovered in the town are the detailed Manueline of the Belem District with derivation dating back to the sixteenth century, and Pombalie of downtown having its beginning in the eighteenth century.

Fine art nouveau stores and cafes, tiled cover-up in older constructions, trams on the roadways and funiculars that are not found anywhere in the Europe, makes Lisbon unique from most other cities worldwide. Coble pattern footpaths and nautical themes in even the most contemporary structures such as the Parque das Nacoes is another instance of ancient meeting new.

Historical bonding of Lisbon is pertinently demonstrated in the exceptional Oceanatrium and other inventive aquariums. Wealth in the museums such as the exceptional Lalique Jewelry that’s demonstrated in the Tile Museum and Gulbenkian Museum makes the trip memorable and amiable.

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