What makes reality television interesting?

Reality television, from talk shows and more, is the main programming that can be found on television in the United States. I do not understand the appeal of the majority of these shows. My sister, for example, loves watching shows such as Basketball Wives. Basketball Wives is basically angry black women arguing. Angry black women arguing on reality television does not do anything to help that stereotype of African American women. It is so annoying, especially with my sensitive ears. She watches other reality shows also, including The Steve Wilkos Show, Maury, Teen Mom, and various people being angry in shows that I do not know the titles of. I see and hear the same things in every show that she watches. I really do not understand how much this genre has grown. It is a genre because of the many scripted shows. I prefer plot structured shows and not reality shows. Most reality shows are scripted in some form anyway, and that even includes some home improvement shows on HGTV.

I do not understand why people would want to go on shows in the format of The Steve Wilkos Show and Maury. The only excuse for such shows is for the people on stage to argue. Even the audience is no better than the people on stage. I would be embarrassed if I acted the way that they do on national television. These people argue, yell, and try to fight each other. That is not very mature, and the people on those shows act like children throwing a temper tantrum. Those shows could just show the results of lie detector tests and paternity tests right away, but that would not make good revenue. No one would watch the shows just for that. There is a huge problem with the American audience and that problem is how low they have gone for entertainment. I do not get any enjoyment out of watching people fight and embarrass themselves on camera.

The ideas for reality shows are recycled. That includes trashy people fighting with each other, having multiple wives, people having multiple children, people trying to find love, and pseudo-science shows. The majority of Americans do not even bother to do research on what parts of shows are scripted, or even if the whole show is scripted. They live in a world where all reality shows are completely real.