What Makes Scottish Women So Special?

Red headed Scottish escort

Red headed Scottish escortScotland is a country famed for its beauty. From the stunning lochs and fens to the sleek sophistication of its cities, it’s a place that’s definitely easy on the eye. As well as being home to some of the most stunning vistas in the UK, it’s also home to some of the world’s most beautiful ladies!

Famous Scottish women

Some of the most beautiful women in the world hail from north of Hadrian’s Wall. Models such as Ashly Rae, Catherine McQueen and Eilidh MacQueen are all Scottish, and have graced fashion magazines and catwalks alike.

There’s also musicians such as KT Tunstall and Amy MacDonald, as stunning as they are talented. We would be doing Scotland a disservice if we didn’t mention its most famous daughter though – Karen Gillan.

Since finding fame in the much coveted role of the sidekick in Doctor Who, she’s been wowing audiences all over the globe with her incredible good looks. With ladies as gorgeous as this calling this country home, we’re surprised men from all over the world can resist jumping on the next flight to Scotland they find!

What you can expect from a Scottish girl

As well as beautiful women, Scotland is also known for its love of partying. Whether it’s for a big occasion like Hogmanay or just a Saturday night out, Scottish girls aren’t afraid to let their hair down.

This wild streak is hugely attractive to those who want a fun, exciting fling. Scottish ladies are famed for their welcoming nature, so you’ll certainly be made to feel at home too. They’re also known for being pretty forthright and flirty, letting a man know exactly what they want. Men can’t get enough of girls with plenty of confidence, and straight talking Scottish women let a man know exactly who’s in charge – especially in the bedroom!

If you want to get up close and personal with the women of Scotland, take a tip from me – hire an escort. Professional, discreet and incredibly sexy, they’re my favourite thing about the country! Following the Ashley Madison scandal, this is the best way!

Hiring an escort

So where can you expect to find escorts in Scotland? Well, you’re in luck if you’re travelling to Glasgow or Edinburgh, as there are plenty of escorts working in Scotland’s two biggest cities.

You’ll be able to hire one to accompany you on a day’s sightseeing, followed by a nightcap (or should we say a wee dram!) at your hotel afterwards. That’s not to say that the rest of Scotland is missing out on the fun though. If you want to find an escort near you, then a site like UK Best Escort will show you who’s working in your local area, with stunning women in Aberdeen, Dundee and Inverness too.

The perfect addition to your stay        

So if you’re planning to visit Scotland this summer, why not hire an escort while you’re there? Not only will they love getting to know you and what makes you tick, they’ll also be able to recommend places to go if you want to explore. Or you could just stay in your hotel room for the duration of your trip – we won’t tell! The one thing that we do know is that an escort will certainly take your holiday to five-star level. In fact, we’re not sure that you’ll ever want to return home.