News What Makes the European Beads Popular In Jewelry Making

What Makes the European Beads Popular In Jewelry Making


When you hear the words “European beads”, what immediately comes to your mind? Do you think that these were manufactured in Europe, as the name suggests? Is there a story behind the name? Actually, there is. If you look at these beads, you will see that these beads have a similarity with the branded beads such as the Pandora, Biachi, and Chamilia. The European beads did not originate from Europe, rather they are produced in China and distributed around the world, to bead distributors like pandahall.

When the European beads were first introduced and made available in the market, they were called Pandora beads, to which the Pandora executives did not agree. They brought the case to court and won, so the vendors were ordered to change the name of their beads; those who did not follow the court order were fined. Then, new names were given to these beads, including “Pandora style” and “fits Pandora” until the new name European beads became the permanent name. So, now, when people search for such beads on some websites like pandahall, they just mention this new name to avoid confusion with Pandora beads.

Even though European beads cannot equal the exact quality of branded beads, they have an advantage in price. While not authentic, they have become popular to jewelry artisans because of their cheaper price. You can get branded beads at a price of over $30, however, the beads with the adapted name of European beads have a price range of $1 – $5. Check their actual prices at some websites such as So, if you will use about 10 beads to create a bracelet, great savings can be realized if you use the alternative to branded beads.

Another factor that can add to the popularity of European beads is their being flexible. While they can be used to create bracelets and necklaces singly, you can incorporate some other kinds of beads – crystals, gemstones, etc. You are also free to use your chosen color and style in your designs, to result in a unique and colorful jewelry. You just need to explore your imagination and creativity in using these beads which are available at pandahall and other websites, along with other jewelry making supplies.

In recent years, jewelry made of European beads has a great influence among the Hollywood celebrities. You can see them frequently in the arms and necks of some famous people, including actresses Catherine Zeta Jones and Jennifer Aniston. Donna Karen, a fashion designer, has also been spotted wearing pieces made of these beads.

Pandahall has a great selection of European beads and you can choose the size, shape, and quantity right there and then. It will be to your advantage if you buy these beads in bulk, because the prices will be on wholesale basis, and so are cheaper than when you buy in piecemeal basis. But of course, you buy only in greater quantity if you have a need for more beads for your projects. Otherwise you will be better off buying a few from your local bead shop.

What Makes the European Beads Popular In Jewelry Making
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