News What one should Consider before Outsourcing Telemarketing Services?

What one should Consider before Outsourcing Telemarketing Services?


Telemarketing is the most common, interactive and successful marketing medium espoused by the businesses to expand their approach in the market. It is a process that allows companies to prosper and at the same time get an adequate or an even substantial return in their capital. Telemarketing is the most direct method of getting in contact with the potential customers. A lot of laymen associate telemarketing with a trained, well-spoken individual trying to make sales and pitch services to people through phone on company’s behalf. But it is lot more than just making calls. A telemarketers’ work includes handling its company’s advertising campaigns, contacting the existing clients about the new services and gain valuable feedback. Telemarketing has become a powerful, multi-billion dollar marketing tool. A company puts a lot of trust in and depends upon its telemarketing department for its overall growth. With the bulk of telemarketing expanding year upon year, it makes sense that a company’s telemarketing campaign must be profoundly focused to get results. Failure in doing so can squander resources and affect business reputation. In order to effectively build up a brand, many businesses outsource their telemarketing services to third parties. These third parties specialize in handling telemarketing campaigns are often hired on contract basis.

Following are the ways in which a company benefits from telemarketing outsourcing:

  1. Cost benefits: it saves a company huge sums of money. These are telemarketing firms that have years of experience of dealing with all kinds of clients. In some cases, it has been reported that by outsourcing telemarketing activities, companies were able to save up to 40% of total costs.
  2. Ease of operation: it is a lot of hassle and headache to create an in-house telemarketing department. A lot of manpower and time is to be pumped to keep it in check and ensure smooth operation. But by outsourcing it, company can focus on its core business.
  3. It is where sales and marketing meet: a telemarketer is not only helping a company in making sales, he is also marketing the company. Thus, helping a company build its name and at the same time, make some money.

Types of telemarketing

Depending upon the nature of calls, telemarketing can be divided in to two categories. If the calls are being made from the call center to the customers, it is called outbound telemarketing. This means, a call center is calling customers for the purpose of making sales. The outbound telemarketers are given a list of customers with the purpose of telling them about their services and motivating them to do business with the company. In addition to this, for taking instant feedback and valuable information, outbound telemarketing is apt. Most common example of this is banks calling their account holders, telling them about the new schemes and proposals.

What one should Consider before Outsourcing Telemarketing Services?

In inbound call centers, as name suggests, calls are made into the call center. Callers are usually customers seeking information regarding some service or lodging their complaints or simply asking for assistance. Inbound telemarketers are trained for handling the inbound calls and assist the customers at all cost. It is mostly employed by organizations that focus on technical support for products, like consumer electronics, computer software and hardware, e commerce etc.


There is a title dark zone where outsourced telemarketing draws some criticism. With the growth of internet and e commerce, telemarketing has been negatively associated with various scams and frauds. Fake and fraud firms call up the customers and try to smooth-talk them into giving out their personal information. Credit card fraud is the most common example of this. Customers should be careful while dealing with telemarketers. They MUST not reveal any personal information, regarding themselves or the organization that has “supposedly” called them.

To cope up with the competition in the market, telemarketers often make high-pressure calls to the customers. In order to meet their sales targets, they call the customers at odd hours, totally ignoring their convenience. These are the reasons why telemarketing calls are considered an annoyance and most people don’t indulge in outbound calls. This not only affects the business of the company but also tampers the brand image.

A recent trend in the telemarketing field has emerged. It is called “RoboCalls”. Robocalls are automated telephone calls that use pre-programmed auto dialers with computer recorded audio messages to makes sales. Although, designed with the intention of saving manpower and money, robocalls fail when it comes to not adding a phone number to their –“don’t call list”. This beats the purpose of not disturbing the customers at odd hours. An operator or a group of operators is required to keep a check on its functioning.


A telemarketing outsourcing program can become successful only if it is being assured for its quality. The firm must see that the calls are being monitored and reported on properly on a routine basis. The sales made to the customers must be verified before they are actually delivered and special care must be taken when it comes to dealing with the personal details of the clients.

What one should Consider before Outsourcing Telemarketing Services?
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