What Questions Can You Ask a Tarot Card

The Tarot cards have been a popular tool to try and predict the future for centuries, but it’s not a rare occurrence to draw out a spread that doesn’t seem to make any sense or answer your question. The problem often lies precisely with the original question the spread was supposed to answer; if you want to learn about the Tarot it’s important to learn as well what questions can you ask a Tarot card.

Choose Open Questions

If your question is too restrictive you will probably not find much help on the cards, and if you do the message will be partial and shaped by your question. For example, if you ask “Will I get a raise” instead of “What can I do to get a raise” you are missing on the advice that could help you get there. A one card tarot reading may be able to give you something similar to a yes/no answer, but it’s generally only good for advice on how to approach a situation. If you start with an open question you can draw further readings to ask for more detailed advice, instead of blocking options with your choice of question.

Be Specific

Whether you are doing a reading for yourself or receiving it from somebody else, it’s important to have a clear idea on your mind of what question you are asking. Otherwise the cards may try to answer several questions at the same time, and the reading will become confusing and difficult to interpret. For example, if you ask “How can I be happy” without knowing what does happy mean for you, it’s very difficult to understand what the cards may be telling you. The images on the cards are filled with symbolism, and they can be interpreted in many different ways, so you need to have a clear question in your mind to make this task easier.

Ask About What, How and Why

It is much easier to find accurate answers with the Tarot if the questions are about how a situation is evolving or why something happened. When and where questions are much more difficult to answer accurately, even if sometimes the symbols on the cards may give you an idea. Some readings such as the Celtic Cross Tarot can actually tell you about your past and future, but it’s difficult to be very specific about exact timelines.

It is worth keeping a reading journal where you can write down your questions, as this will help you see themes and patterns repeating on your readings and can lead to greater insights.