What should my calorie intake be

What should my calorie intake be

The calories are the energy reserves that we give to our bodies when we eat.

The question is how many calories we eat and how we spend … as the unspent calories are stored by the body, and then we grow!

In total we need 2000 calories per day (excluding pregnancy for a woman), but these needs may vary according to our activity.

what should my calorie intake be

All foods have different calorie.
While some foods are low in calories , especially fresh produce (fruits, vegetables …) others are more like pastries , cold meats or alcohol.

Here are some values ??as an example, the major food categories:

The calories in alcohol
Calories from aperitif
The cheese calories
The calories of bread
Calories fish
Calories from meat
The calorie fruit

Some foods also have the advantage of helping the body to assimilate the calories: the so-called ‘ fat burning ‘.
You can also opt for diet products , which have fewer calories than traditional products (eg chips, cookies …).
Finally, remember that water on the other hand offers no calories!

Burn calories

When one wants to lose weight, absorb fewer calories and spend more is essential. But beware: inflict a diet very low in calories (around 1000 to 1500 calories / day) is not sustainable over the long term. You may crack at the end of the regime, to need to compensate … and start again!

Ideally, in fact, is to burn more calories through sport and activity in general, rather than starve. As a bonus, it’s good for the firmness and tone of the silhouette, and especially it’s great for morale! Move over, it’s still more exciting than eating less …

To burn calories efficiently, it will be important to follow three axes:
– Increase your metabolic rate
– Promoting physical activity
– Playing sports

Today, more than a third of the French eat breakfast every day outside, and most opt ??for fast formulas. Dangerous for the line?
Contrary to popular belief, when we know well what a sandwich menu or take in a fast food meal on the go can be perfectly balanced.

For quick lunch does not mean eating poorly, quickly discover the rules of the art of a good meal on the go, then the best choices to make. Then get inspired by some great ideas and recipes to prepare your own packed lunch.