What Tattoo Should You Get

Are you considering getting a Tattoo

Are you considering getting a tattoo but having troubles making up your mind as to what you want to ink your skin with? If so then join the club, a lot of people considering their first tattoo sometimes take quite a while pondering what they should have etched into their skin.

One reason we take so long to decide is probably because of the fact that having a tattoo done is a permanent procedure. Well I guess you could get it lasered off but I am sure laser tattoo removal surgery is not cheap.

Anyways you do not want to think of that right now because right now you are thinking of getting one that you will want to look at forever and ever right?

This is a very important decision and you have to dig deep and figure out what it is that means so much to you that you want to have it marked on your skin forever.

Things to consider before getting a Tattoo

If you are anything like me you really want a tattoo but are having a hard time picking something out.

Well actually I already have a tattoo but it is not one I like very much. I got it when I was a teenager from a friend who had a homemade tattoo needle. NOT a good idea. Anyways this is about you not me.

There are so many kinds of tattoos you can get done, foot tattoos, wrist tattoos, heart tattoos, girly tattoos, sun tattoos, star tattoos, name tattoos, dragon tattoos and the list goes on. It’s all about what you want.

Some people have no problem making a decision and selecting a tattoo design and for the others it takes quite a while to find something and then commit. When thinking about what design you want you really need to consider a few things.

Here is what you need to consider before getting that tattoo

1) The design is obviously important. What is it that you want to look at every day for the rest of your life on your body?

2) Placement of the tattoo is also very important for deciding on a design that will work well on the area selected and you should also consider your future and will you need to have the tattoo in a place that you can cover up for business dress or does it matter to you if it is in an area that it will be exposed most of the time?

Don’t discount what I am telling you because some day when you are trying to climb the corporate ladder your full sleeve of tats might hold you back. No it isn’t right but that’s life.

3) Cost can also determine what you end up getting. If you have an endless supply of cash then lucky you and I guess the sky is the limit for your design. If you are not independently wealthy then you will want to find out what the going rates are for certain types and sizes of tattoos in your area.

I know getting a portrait done can be quite costly.

Tribal Tattoo Ideas

So there you have it

Those are some pretty obvious things to consider but sometimes a good reminder is very helpful.

If you just can’t make up your mind about what you want or if you can’t quite afford it yet then maybe you should try an alternative route for the time being and see how you like it.

You can try getting some henna tattoos which are very cool and fun to get or even cheaper you can pick up some temporary tattoos.

Temporary tattoos can be found at all kinds of different types of stores or if you want an endless selection then you could try ordering some online. Amazon.com has all kinds of Temporary tattoos and even a henna tattoo kit.

Good luck in your search for a tattoo or tattoos.